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Supdate 5: Pros & Rows 🚣🏽

STRATZ is about to go pro

A team at TI9 shared a need — STRATZ responded. has been attracting pro users for a long time. In fact, it’s common for Ken to get excited and share with the rest of the team when he gets notified of a new pro player logging in for the first time.

Still, we’ve never released a product specifically built for the unusual demands of a professional DOTA 2 organization. Before the end of this month, that will no longer be the case.

While the STRATZ team was in Shanghai for TI9, one of the pro teams we spoke with introduced us to a problem they were facing. The product that we’ve been working on is in direct response to this conversation, and following a series of private tests with members of the DOTA 2 pro scene, we’ll be writing a special report to detail this brand new offering.

For now, we’ve got a few updates on to share with you. Let’s start with our brand new filter system.

You can expect to see updated versions of filters like this all across soon

Inspired by the filters that many of you have undoubtedly enjoyed on AirBNB, and powered by an entirely new backend data schema, our new page filters are an absolute delight. You’ll soon have access to them on every page, enabling pinpoint specificity to help you find any stats you need.

Speaking of backend data schema, we have a massive announcement coming up to introduce something that many new and existing STRATZ API users will benefit enormously from. It’s one of the biggest updates to the STRATZ API ever, and it’s already mature enough for us to be running internally with great success. Stay tuned STRATZ API devs, this will probably make you smile 😁.

To compliment the inauguration of the new STRATZ page filters, we’re also releasing the first of another new update to each page: the DetailRow🎈. Well, that’s one name we have for it internally, at least.

The DetailRow is a set of aggregate stats and important information relating to the content on any active page. Most of the information in this row will respond to the page filters that you set, allowing instant insights into the query of your choosing. We’ve begun to roll out this new feature by enabling some stats on every player page found on

📌 Pro Tip: Try using the DetailRow on mobile — STRATZ’s Carceri put a lot of love into ensuring that this new feature is a joy to use with touch.

⚠️ Notice: a 3rd party package manager was down today, preventing us from pushing the DetailRow onto the site. It will arrive by Monday.

In addition to the updates that we’ve been working on behind the scenes, we’ve been thinking about how to improve our user-dev communication. We have a lot of room for improvement in this area, and this week we have a nice little update for our community on Discord.

Introducing a new and improved STRATZ Discord

For over a year, our Discord channel consisted of just a general chat and an area for announcements. Our ~1300 Discord members deserve better, and we hope this update is a meaningful first step in that direction.

In addition to breaking down topics by channel, we’ve also added a new Team Chat area, with several regions being represented. We’ve added these to offer DOTA 2 players an area to party up with [and/or compete against] other STRATZ users, without having to leave our Discord.

This addition was largely inspired by Keo, who gathered part of our team to play a match last Friday after work, and we used the old and largely ignored #general voice channel in our Discord to speak to each other.

We’re interested to see how our members choose to use these voice channels, and will be considering how best to leverage community voice channels moving forward.

Think you’ve got what it takes to join the STRATZ team? We’re hiring!

Enjoy keeping up with what’s happening at STRATZ? Follow us on Medium, Twitter, or Facebook to get a new Supdate every Friday! If you want to get more involved, join us on Discord!

Did you miss our Supdate last Friday? Read about the newest addition to the STRATZ team, Keo!

Stay tuned STRATZ API devs, this will probably make you smile 😁.

See you next Friday!

Eric Phy




STRATZ provides free player data and statistics for Dota 2.

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