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The Best Dota 2 Players

Always up to date, and you might be one of them

Remember that feeling you got when you finally hit 6000 MMR? Or more recently, when you got your first leaderboard placement in the Immortal bracket? If you’re like 99.9% of the Dota population, you don’t.

Dota is an intense journey. For most of us, Dota 2 leaderboards aren’t a place where we can expect to find ourselves. In many cases, this is justified — only the best of the best have earned the right to have the spotlight cast on them. But that doesn’t mean that your own outstanding achievements don’t deserve to be recognized.

Two weeks ago we introduced a first-of-it’s-kind Global Highlights section to bring out the best of Dota 2 while it happens, highlighting ridiculous performances by players all around the world. Not only does this give STRATZ users the chance to catch a glimpse of some of the most unbelievable events possible, it will also someday act as a gateway into generating lifetime achievement awards for those who have earned them.

Today we’re introducing another entirely new feature that serves multiple purposes, but builds off of the idea that greatness at any level deserves to be celebrated. We call it the Heroes Leaderboard.

It’s time for you to earn your place on a Dota 2 leaderboard

The new Heroes Leaderboard is actually a set of 952 unique leaderboards, covering every hero in every bracket (Herald through Immortal). A maximum of 50 players can earn a place on any given leaderboard at a time, which means it’s possible for up to 47,600 players to earn placement.

Hero leaderboards show the current top players in the world on their respective heroes by bracket. Immortal leaderboards contain the overall best public ranked players per hero in the world over the last 90 days.

You might think that since most of the best Dota 2 players in the world are pros, that they will dominate these leaderboards. However, the majority of pros play on smurfs, private accounts, and private matches. Because of this, the vast majority of leaderboard positions remain open for the public to compete for. The Heroes Leaderboard works like this:

In order to qualify for placement, you must have played at least 25 ranked matches with a single hero in the last 90 days, which is equivalent to having played 2 ranked matches with a hero per week, on average, for the last 3 months. Only the most recent 25 matches during this time will count towards your leaderboard placement, so players cannot spam their way into a top spot.

Leaderboards are updated live, which means that your position can change at any moment. Every two weeks, every leaderboard is automatically audited to ensure that each player still has at least 25 qualifying matches played in the last 90 days. No campers allowed.

Leaderboard placement is determined by the average IMP (Individual Match Performance) you’ve achieved on your hero in your last 25 ranked matches. We’re using IMP as the qualifier for a few reasons. Most importantly, we want placement on the Heroes Leaderboard to be your unique achievement, and to be within reach of any player. Having tremendous win streaks, while impressive and deserved, is something that’s achieved with the help of at least 4 other players. And while a high match count is admirable for aspiring greats, it’s unfair to compare those who can’t commit as much time to Dota’ing. IMP is perfect for leveling the playing field, and puts you in control of your destiny.

IMP is a score generated by STRATZ AI that’s earned by every player in every match, and ranges from -100 to +100. It’s a reflection of how much your individual performance has contributed to your team’s win probability.

For today’s release, the Heroes Leaderboards show stats from your qualifying matches like average IMP, win rate, your most played position, your rank, and your region. We’ll be adding more stats to give greater insight into each player’s experience with their hero in the coming weeks. Likewise, earning a place on the Heroes Leaderboard will be something that logged-in STRATZ users will be notified of, and have records of, in a future update.

Hero Leaderboards aren’t just a place to revel in your own awesomeness — they’re also the perfect place to find top players to learn from. Since the leaderboards are always up to date, you can be sure that there’s always tons of stats and replays available from the current meta for you to study.

Also this week, you’ll notice that we’ve begun to update our navigation strategy. This will be a process that will unfold over the coming months, and will allow us to gracefully archive expired content like the Aghanim’s Labyrinth leaderboards, introduce new large areas of the site that we’re in the process of releasing, and in some ways continue to change the way that the navigational experience exists on

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