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In the world of software, release dates often seem like snooze buttons. This is often a result of unforeseen challenges preventing goals being met. At STRATZ, we’re proud to defy this trend by consistently releasing updates to our products at the end of almost every week.

Several major achievements have put our team into a position to reach our current level of productivity. The new GraphQL backend, the creation of our design system library known as Hitagi, an entirely new frontend platform that’s been cannibalizing the existing one component and page at a time since the beginning of the year, and so much more. Most importantly, our team’s collective determination to set the benchmark for esports analytics now and in the future.

With so much new content both being released each week and in the works behind the scenes, it’s critical that we’re prepared ahead of time for how you will be able to navigate to and around new areas of the site. Today, we’ve released one of the final foundational pieces for how this navigation will work.

Introducing the new page headers! While the visual balance is quite similar to the previous iteration of page headers found across STRATZ, almost every part of the header look has had some refinement. More importantly, how our team manages and extends the page headers and their navigational components has been overhauled, allowing for frictionless (or as some[one] might say, magical) expansion of site navigation to entirely new types of content that are coming your way.

These new headers are built to scale up, and there are hidden attachments that will be unveiled alongside their connected content during many of our upcoming releases. Some of the work that went into establishing these new headers has also helped set the stage for building out the many remaining filters that you’ll find cropping up across, both on existing and new pages. We’re excited for you to see how these new page headers will blossom into even more powerful and interesting introductions to and means of interacting with each page’s content.

All month we’ve been teasing the huge updates we have brewing in STRATZ AI, though we’ve been a bit hush-hush regarding the specifics. We wanted to share everything with you today, but because of ongoing testing and some challenges involving getting billions of matches up to speed with our new metrics, we’re holding off on making these announcements until everything is in your hands.

The first of these announcements will be made in 2 weeks, alongside a big new release to the match page experience that’s connected to a very significant site-wide update. Teaser: it’s related to match performance 🔭. The other announcement will be come alongside our STRATZ+ 0.9 release, which will follow our upcoming 0.8.10 update.

Enjoy keeping up with what’s happening at STRATZ? Follow us on Medium, Twitter, or Facebook to get a new Supdate every Friday! If you want to get more involved, join us on Discord!

Did you miss our Supdate last Friday? Discover the exclusive Aghanim’s Labyrinth content just released by STRATZ!

See you next Friday!

Eric Phy




STRATZ provides free player data and statistics for Dota 2.

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