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Your Dota Progress Reimagined

Rank, Conduct, Performance, and Cash Moneys

This week in Dota has been one of the most exciting in memory. The Corpse Butcher, Pudge, has been transformed into a teddy bear. Anti-Mage found his protégé Wei. Pause screens became the most competitive part of the game. Daily mini-tournaments became available, but Valve requires you to play Underlords to unlock them. And so much more.

Battle Pass Leaderboard 2020

STRATZ got an early start on the action this week, releasing the TI10 Battle Pass Leaderboard. Saudi Prince Purrrrrfect Devil Angel Yukeo is sitting comfortably on top of the list, though hasn’t come close to topping his highest Dota contribution. You better believe that’ll be changing 👑.

1+ million Battle Pass owners in the first 5 days

Individual Match Performance

Ben “The Brain” Brain has been blowing up CPUs all week, determined to figure out if you’re going to win or not. The good news is he’s now achieved an overall prediction accuracy of about 72% — the other good news is that he’s used these results to give a super BUFF to your Individual Match Performance (IMP) calculations. This marks the 3rd generation of IMP, using the same inputs reported by Ken a few months back, but with a much improved neural network configuration…and it just went live a few hours ago! All of your matches from now on will benefit from analysis by our 3rd gen IMP. We’ll be keeping a close eye on any unexpected results — let us know if you spot something suspicious in your post-match analyses.

The 🧠 will be releasing details on this new IMP, along with an entirely new STRATZ performance metric, in a blog entry next week 🎺 🎺.

The Brain said the graph is supposed to look like a V…and it looks like a V 🎯

We’ve been quietly working on a tool internally to give unprecedented insight into the the factors that determine win probability in Dota on every level. While not on the tippity-top of our priority list, we’re really excited to pull the curtains on what that missed Witch Doctor stun cost your team, how bad it is to steal a creep wave from your carry, and so much more. Stay tuned for more on this first-ever perspective into Dota.

Player Conduct

We’ve spoken before about the release of Toxic player detection in STRATZ+ and how it works. Today, the first big step to uncover player conduct is live on every profile on Most players have perfect or near-perfect conduct like Business Associate’s Sneyking, of whom this page serves as a badge of honor that’s otherwise impossible to view. For those few who’s in-game attitude has negative consequences for others, this page serves as a report card that other can rely on while vetting prospective new party members.

We have more to share in this domain soon, so expect even greater insight into player conduct very soon 👍.

Player Progression

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you’ve got a Dota match count in the quadruple digits. While many of us spent a large amount of our Dota careers stacking quarters on our MMRs, Valve finally introduced rank progression to make gains and losses more interesting for the majority of players. This of course was originally a feature exclusive to STRATZ, introduced by yours truly, but that’s history. In honor of our hard earned wins and losses, we’ve just released your new Progression page, showing your progress across seasons, patches, and soon even your coveted player names.

As with your new Conduct page, there’s a bit more to come for this area of your profile. Not to mention, this is very much only the beginning of the huge player page overhaul that’s cooling on the windowsill.

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