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Your Lanes are Growing

The roadwork is beginning to really pay off

To Stomp, or not to Stomp…

This week, we’ve continued to build out your new Match > Lane experience, adding a fresh batch of goodies for you to uncover!

First, you can now dig deeper into your laning performance and those of your teammates by expanding out each lane row. Here, you’ll find information regarding your warding contributions, trips to the fountain, camp stacks, hero and tower damage, and hero healing.

There are also several interactive elements, including each heroes’ ability and item builds. There’s a scrubber available to look through the first 10 minutes of build decisions, complete with our trademark support for Lone Druid’s Bear!

Death War Monkey

There’s also a hoverable area chart showing a breakdown of Lane and Neutral Creep last hits by minute, along with any kills you’ve contributed to. This can give insight into decision-making in lane, with evidence for signs of aggression, wave clearing, and jungling. You can also use the new heat map to see where the action took place!

3 Satyrs are better than none

Next, there’s a breakdown of last hit performance, showing both the count and [on hover] percentage of melee and ranged creep that you’ve killed during the first 10 minutes of your match. Beside these, you can see the total number of neutrals you killed, along with what percentage of your total last hit count came from neutrals.

You’ll also notice that we’ve introduced a new expand and collapse functionality in these table headers, allowing you to easily open or close multiple rows at once!

If all of this isn’t enough, don’t worry — there’s more laning action coming in your near future.

Sometimes, instead of digging deep into your lane analytics, you just want to know the answer to one simple question: Did I Stomp that Meepo?

Of course you did.

But just to be sure, we’ve just released our internal testing build for…your new Lane Outcomes! This demo is only live on your Match > Lanes page for this release, as we’ve been using a private branch to help test our algorithm’s results. So far, it’s looking quite strong, though we’ve already found some areas of concern, which we believe we’ve addressed in a version that isn’t yet public.

Match Outcomes work for all Lobby Types and most Game Modes. Each lane’s outcome is reported, including results for Draws, Wins, and Stomps.

Despite the known quirks in this demo version, we were still able to produce an 80% lane outcome accuracy based on our pre-algorithm assessment of lane outcome. Specifically, it was accurate in 86% of non-turbo lanes and 77% of turbo lanes. We also managed to detect a strong correlation between lane outcome and match outcome, which we’ll report on after the updated version goes live and gets proper testing, both from us and from you.

We’re really excited to gradually introduce Laning Outcomes across more pages, where appropriate, and to include them in other forms of individual analytics. We also intend to use them as a way to show broader trends, like overall hero performances in lanes. More to come!

If you haven’t noticed yet, we’ve officially partnered with, working with its creator Wat to bring you a completely reimagined visual experience, which he released last weekend! We’ve been working together in some capacity for awhile now, giving D2PT the API resources necessary to power most of their needs, and we’re thrilled to be working more closely now to help Wat bring his ideas to life!

You can follow Dota2ProTracker on their Twitter for more updates!

For your last update today, while we’ve been working on more new pages and content behind the scenes, we’ve also begun to turn our attention again to refining your Daylight (white) theme on You’ll notice that the pageheaders now have significantly reduced intensity and greatly improved contrast for the content they contain. We’ll be continuing to make more improvements over time to help bring your light theme up the standard that both of your dark themes (Midnight and Twilight) enjoy — if you haven’t tried out a new theme in awhile, now might be a good time!

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Did you miss our last Supdate? Take in the new Colorblind Mode!

See you soon!

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