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Your Perfect Match — Pt. 2

Plus new Ukrainian language support!

Nearly a full stack!

Last week we introduced you to the first big updates to your Match Overview pages — and this week, the madness continues, doubling the new content!

Today’s update includes 4 new sections, including a Minimap with a dynamic view of objective statuses, a team net worth and experience chart with complimentary iconographic events, lane matchups and outcomes, and the complete draft sequence. Let’s have a look!

Hmm, yes, a tiny map is a death sentence. It’s a map, and it’s tiny!

First up is the all-familiar minimap, complete with the status of destructible team structures. By default, the minimap will display the state of the map at endgame. However, this view comes to life with the rest of the page when used with the page’s Slider Bar. As you slide, you can quickly play back the objectives’ condition for each minute of the match.

Pro Tip: some matches have special end-game conditions like calling “gg” in a league match, or when an entire team leaves in a public match. These matches can end with seemingly incomplete endgame objective orientations.

With new horizons to pursue

Your new Net Worth & Experience Chart is brimming with little details. Beginning with the section header, the left side shows the Radiant team and the right side the Dire team. Two Tags, showing net worth and experience advantages, appear next to the name of which team has the advantage, defaulting, as usual, to the values at the end of the match. The values and placement of the tags update when using the page slider.

The chart itself uses a single set of y-axis values to represent both NW and XP advantages, while the x-axis shows the match duration broken up by minute. Above and below the chart, you’ll see a multitude of small green and orange icons. You might recognize this icon-chart pairing from how Valve represents events in the graph overlay view that‘s’ available while you watch match replays in-game. Ours are similar, though with some areas of added details, like differentiating the icons for event types like tower and hero kills, and adding hover details to show which towers were killed by which hero. We intend to explore this approach further, particularly on pages that are designed to show more details.

The chart itself shows areas of net worth and experience advantage for each team over time, with a hover for details. And as with most other content, the chart responds to the scroll bar at the bottom of the page.

Lastly, you can hover over the legend items at the bottom of the section to isolate the net worth or experience graphs.

…who lives on Drury Lane?

Ever since we introduced laning outcomes, we’ve been wanted to give you more access to interesting stats relating to them. While we’ve still got a long way to go in that domain, today we’re making it easier to get a glance at how the laning phase went in your matches by adding all the lane outcomes to your Match Overview pages.

Clicking on any of these cards take you to your full Match/Lanes/Summary page for a deeper dive into all the laning action!

Up, down, up down up!

The last new piece of your updated Match Overview being released today is your new Draft section. This view changes to show All Pick and Captain’s Mode drafts, and includes the full drafting order, along with a segmented draft phase layout. Radiant teams’ selections are on top, with Dire on bottom. The automatically banned heroes in ranked All Pick matches are included in their own phase, and we’re exploring ways to add in double-pick-triggered bans into their respective positions as well.

Last but definitely not least, we’re also very happy to share a major update to Ukranian language support that just went live thanks to the work of a new member of our translator group, 💙 Makakass 💛! They dove in hard and managed to complete the majority of available translations for the site, making it possible for our users in Ukrainian to enjoy a much more native STRATZ experience! 🇺🇦

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Did you miss our last Supdate? Check out Part 1 of the Match Overview Saga

See you soon!

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