Calling all Strava Developers

You are invited to Strava’s first developer API challenge!

Strava athletes upload millions of activities every day, and developers have leveraged this rich dataset to create almost 13,000 API applications. These diverse applications deepen the Strava experience, from creating new ways for athletes to commemorate their adventures to providing highly detailed analytics.

We are holding our first ever Strava API developer challenge to recognize the developers who are using our API, and get them excited to create innovative applications. You are invited to create and submit a new app or showcase an existing app by September 6th, 2016. Top submissions will have the opportunity to present their entry to all of Strava (including the CEO), receive exposure through our website, newsletter and social media channels, and win gear and other fun prizes.

Submissions will be evaluated on their innovation, fun and authenticity, as well as how they build community and inspire athletes. Judges will include Strava’s CTO and Ben Lowe from Veloviewer. Ben certainly knows what it takes to develop a successful API application. Veloviewer provides insightful data visualizations and deep analytics solely using Strava’s API. Created in 2012, today Veloviewer is an official supplier to Team Sky and has almost 200,000 registered users. Could your app be next?

Check out the developer website to enter and find additional contest details.

Originally published at by Celia Stockwell.

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