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Rodrigo Davies
Strava Metro
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2 min readNov 26, 2019


Let’s make planning for sustainable transportation faster, easier and more data-driven.

Exploring popular commuting corridors in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Have you ever wanted to answer questions like:

  • Which places in your area have the most direct travel routes to employment opportunities by bike or foot?
  • How have your latest bike and pedestrian infrastructure projects impacted getting more people out of their cars and using sustainable modes?
  • Where are the most popular bike commuting corridors in your area, and how seasonal are they?

Whether you’re a planner, a consultant, an advocate or a researcher, you can answer these questions and more using Strava Metro’s new web platform. No GIS expertise is required, and answers are delivered in seconds. (You can also download GIS data for further analysis if you’d like.)

This first release is the result of extensive collaboration with planners from around the world, and we will be rolling out new features and improvements each week — directly informed by experts in the field. We’d love you to join our community of partners helping to shape the future of active transportation.

Check out the video below to learn more. Prefer text to video? Here’s our product guide.

Are you excited?

Jump into our live demo featuring sample data from Denver, CO at now.

Ready to start using Metro to support your work? Click here and we’ll get you rolling.

If you have questions, please first see our FAQ for questions about Metro, our data and how we work.



Rodrigo Davies
Strava Metro

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