We’re proud to announce that Streak has been named Google’s G Suite Technology Partner of the Year!

In addition to being an endorsement of our product’s innovation and utilization of Google’s services, this award is a testament to the excellent work our team has been doing to push G Suite and the Google Cloud Platform further and faster for the last several years.

Building Streak has always presented us with unique, hard-to-solve, engineering challenges. These kinds of challenges are why we keep building: doing the hard work today — whether that’s beta-testing the latest Google API or finding novel ways to use existing ones — sets us up for success tomorrow. We believe in sharing our solutions to these challenges, too, because we know it improves both our product and the developer community more broadly.

Just over the last year, our developers made sure InboxSDK and the millions of users that rely on it were ready for the massive changes to interface and functionality of the new material Gmail.

We also developed Ratchet, the first Java data-modeling library for Cloud Spanner to interface with our database — the largest of its kind in Spanner. Streak uses it to decrease the time required to create Spanner-powered features and to ensure that everybody on the team is working with a consistent view of the data model. We’re excited to share it with the open source community and look forward to helping enlarge the Spanner ecosystem.

Our roadmap for the next year is full of equally challenging problems. We’re investing heavily in optimizing our Google Cloud infrastructure, building a graph database on top of Cloud Spanner and Cloud Bigtable, and applying machine learning on top of our massive dataset.

If you’re interested in working with our international team on those problems, check out our careers page — we’d love to solve them with you!




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Fred Wulff

Fred Wulff

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