How to Recreate Twitch Plays Pokemon

A video tutorial on how to recreate Twitch Plays Pokemon using the customizable chatbot in Stream Warrior Deluxe.

In 2014, a live stream called “Twitch Plays Pokemon” went viral, where hundreds of thousands of people collectively controlled the same game of Pokemon Red using only custom chat commands. Over the course of 400 hours, the Twitch community eventually did the impossible and beat Pokemon Red.

Today, “Twitch Plays Pokemon” acts as a 24/7 stream where viewers can use chat commands to place imaginary bets on Pokemon battles, and submit battle commands for their team’s Pokemon.

If you wanted to recreate the viral chat-controlled sensation, it used be somewhat difficult without some programming knowledge. However, the paid version of Stream Warrior Deluxe brings this power to streamers with just a few chatbot commands.

In this video tutorial, I cover:

  • How to add a chat widget to your Stream Warrior stage.
  • How to configure the chatbot to listen for commands.
  • How to simulate key presses in response to chat commands.
  • How to deal with older games that have finicky controls.
  • How to set chat command cooldowns.

By following all of these steps, you will be able to recreate “Twitch Plays Pokemon”, and apply the techniques you’ve learned to give your live stream audience control of other games.

“Twitch Plays Pokemon” holds the Guinness World Record for having the most participants on a single-player online video game with 1,165,140.