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9,000 Lady Ape NFTs Sold Out on STRMNFT Within 4 Hours!

9,000 Lady Ape NFTs Sold Out on STRMNFT Within 4 Hours.
9000 Lady Apes sold out OpenSea

Even during this crypto winter, the continued buzz surrounding NFTs is still strong. Recently, the buzz was represented by the first Lady Ape Club (LAC) sale of 9,000 NFTs on STRMNFT in just four hours.

When the first sale ended, 90 special edition LAC NFTs were put for auction on STRMNFT and sold out the next day. This excitement about the Lady Apes has paved the way for listing these NFTs on OpenSea, demonstrating that LAC is not just a spin-off of other collections.

LAC NFT Collection

The Lady Ape Club (LAC) is the first NFT collection launched on STRMNFT, featuring 10,000 unique female apes artwork created by the art team of TNC Group — StreamCoin’s partner since early 2022.

LAC Sale, Auction, and Distribution

The STRMNFT users experienced the first-ever LAC sale on July 18, 2022. Within four hours of opening the sale, all 9,000 LAC NFTs were sold out, setting a new sale record in the NFT space.

Following the sale, an auction immediately kicked in with 90 special Lady Apes. All of them were also sold out the next day, on July 19.

The listing on OpenSea was the next milestone the LAC project was able to achieve, giving opportunities to millions of users by making 700 Lady Ape NFTs available for sale on the popular marketplace.

After the OpenSea listing, the LAC distribution became as follows:

LAC Holder Benefits

A few future advantages that all LAC holders will have include access to a private LAC shop, activities to earn Diamond awards, a Baby Ape NFT breeding program with DNA access, and invites to yacht parties in Dubai.

Pre-booking in STRMNFT

Even prior to the LAC sale, there was strong demand for the Lady Ape Club NFTs on STRMNFT. The unique Lady Ape NFTs interested many users in signing up for STRMNFT.

So, STRMNFT offered a LAC pre-booking option for TNC Group’s whitelisted members who participated in the ICO and STRM Staking events of StreamCoin. These members got the chance to pre-book one random Lady Ape NFT before the sale opened.

To learn more about the LAC’s announcement and updates, you can follow their official social media accounts:



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