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An Introduction to StreamLive: Here’s Everything You Need To Know


Live streaming has already become a vital part of the vast entertainment industry. The diverse ecosystem of live streaming has seen significant growth over the years. Truthfully, this is somehow considered as one of the positive effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

During the pandemic, we have witnessed how everything changed around us. It was devastating at first, but along the way, the pandemic proved that the things we didn’t view positively before are somehow relevant in our lives, one way or another — like how working from home can increase productivity and also how important it is to avoid traffic to spend less on fuel.

Simply put, the world made a way to continue living despite the situation and innovated new ways to keep things going. Suffice to say, perhaps the most important effect of COVID-19 that the world has seen is to quickly adapt to digital transformation and adopt digital technologies — just like live streaming.

In essence, live streaming allows content creators to connect to a wide range of audiences in real-time. This is important, especially because even at present, there are still limitations and constraints when it comes to entertainment. As viewers, live streaming helps you to stay connected to whatever is happening to the world. It allows you to receive live video or audio coverage over the internet. While doing so, you can use your mobile devices or computers to watch or stream live.

Market analyses show that due to the involvement of big tech companies like Alibaba, Amazon, and Facebook Inc., to name a few, the industry flourished rapidly. As a matter of fact, the live streaming industry is expected to grow and reach $247.27 billion and at the same time register a CAGR of 28.1% by 2027 — just six years from now. Even these big companies saw how live streaming is already changing the entertainment industry and jumped into it right away.

At the moment, some of the key players in the live streaming sector include Flux Broadcast, Vimeo, Inc., EventStreaming.TV, Periscope, AfreecaTV Co. Ltd., Twitch Interactive Inc., and Instagram Inc. Most of these companies already have a live streaming platform and services of their own, which the public utilized to their advantage.

With this said, it is important to note that different sectors are also now using live streaming in certain services and offerings. For example, in e-commerce, partial investments actually went to video shopping. Video commerce, as it is called, was given interest by big players who actually invested in the market like Whatnot, Ntwrk, Klarna, and Popshop Live.

Indeed, since the world is digitally transforming, it is no surprise that live streaming keeps up with the pace and also revolutionizes the entertainment industry as we know it.

How StreamLive Will Revolutionize the Industry with LiveView

Speaking of revolutionizing an industry, that’s what SteamLive plans to do.

StreamLive will develop LiveView, and it isn’t like any streaming platform — what makes it different is that it is built on blockchain technology. Hence, all the features that you know blockchain possesses, LiveView has it.

Another key feature of LiveView is its ability to allow simultaneous streaming of live videos on different platforms. Simply put, streamers who use LiveView will be able to show their live stream on different streaming platforms — in real-time!

For viewers, moreover, you can use the LiveView App to watch streams from the LiveView platform. In the LiveView app, users can also watch videos that came from all around the world — even from different live-streaming platforms. In other words, users can also view the streams of streamers that are showing from another platform aside from LiveView.

Since the LiveView platform is built on blockchain technology, as previously mentioned, it would be common sense to know that it is run by a native cryptocurrency called STREAM (Ticker: STRM) which will be the driving force of the entire LiveView ecosystem. Both streamers and viewers can use STRM to give and receive rewards — to operate on the platform and gain revenues. Yes, both streamers and viewers can earn by using LiveView.

Our Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Michael Ein Chaybeh, also has a few things to say that will make you understand StreamLive better.

The demand on Blockchain Technology has increased dramatically over the years. Blockchain is being used to enhance many online platforms, and it is soon about time that everything will be on blockchain to utilize the enhanced and unique features it can bring to the world. We are combining ‘Live Streaming’ and ‘Blockchain’ together to revolutionize the Live streaming industry to empower streamers and viewers and enhance viewers’ experience.

Advantages of Using LiveView Platform

1. Multi-streaming Platform

As mentioned above, LiveView offers a multi-streaming feature. Streamers benefit from this a lot because it gives them more options on which platform to stream and at the same time, it opens them to a wider range of audiences that come from different platforms apart from LiveView.

It breaks down boundaries and goes beyond geographical borders, enabling streamers to reach audiences from different parts of the world. As a result, streamers can retain or gain new viewers that have come from their native country or even from foreign lands.

Notably, the LiveView platform will also give streamers restriction options in the platform; thus, allowing them to decide who will be allowed to view their streams according to demographics — location, nationality, age, gender, etc.

2. Live Stream via Blockchain Technology

This is the main feature that sets LiveView apart from the rest of the competition. Although the concept of integrating blockchain to live-streaming is not entirely new, LiveView effectively made this possible.

Again, because it is built on blockchain, it will be complete with all the innovations and solutions that blockchain offers. As we all know, blockchain features immutability, decentralization, first-rate security, and faster operations. Imagine how nice it would be to have it all in a live-streaming platform — that’s what LiveView continuously works hard to achieve.

3. STRMNFT marketplace

Have you ever thought of making a video NFT? NFT enthusiasts have always dreamt of making this possible. However, the concept of video NFT is beyond what the current technology for NFTs can actually offer.

While making video NFTs isn’t feasible at the moment, the LiveView team is working hard to conceptualize an STRMNFT marketplace for live-streaming videos. LiveView will have the option to mint their videos and upload them into LiveView’s NFT Marketplace.

For the most part, the video NFT marketplace of LiveView is an ideal feature — something that isn’t common these days. Just thinking about it, we know how it would indeed revolutionize not just the live-streaming industry, but also the NFT space.

4. Earning STRM

Being the native token in LiveView, users are encouraged to buy STRM, so they can maximize the features on the platform and the app.

LiveView takes pride in giving streamers a 100% of the revenues that they get from the platform. Streamers could earn STREAM (STRM) in two ways: when viewers reward them with STRM and also when they publish advertisements — in which LiveView doesn’t get a share from.

Another thing to note is that even viewers could earn STREAM (STRM) just by watching the advertisements in the live streams. So far, this kind of feature isn’t commonly integrated with other streaming platforms, but LiveView will make this happen.

How cool is it to watch entertaining streamers and earn money at the same time? Interesting, right?


LiveView is indeed a promising project that portrays a good future ahead of it. Not just that, it shows a lot of beneficial assurances that users could have.

Revolutionizing the live-streaming industry is one thing, but giving benefits to the users — both streamers and viewers — is also one of the main goals of StreamLive. We have created something so exciting, and we can’t wait to let it be known to the world. We can’t express in words how we have envisioned LiveView to be valuable to users at present, and how it can continue to benefit them even in the future.

So, to experience a new level of live-streaming, try our LiveView Platform and LiveView app. Relish in watching your favorite streamers from across the globe and at the same time, earn from doing what you love; doing what you do best, even when you’re just inside the comfort of your home.

At press time, StreamLive is slated to have its public sale in February 2022. In a few months, we will see how its platform, LiveView, will change the live-streaming industry for the better.

To know more about StreamLive and LiveView, please visit our website.



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