Enterprise, Crushing It!

We launched version one of our enterprise product last month at the NAB Show in Las Vegas. With the goal of providing an end to end video solution to brands, companies, and individuals who value owning the rights to their content.

With an innovation award and hundreds of enterprise account requests later we knew we filled a much needed gap in the market.

We have brands reaching out to us that want the ability to go live from a device as simple as your cell phone as well brands that want to use production cameras combined with real time camera switching abilities. Our enterprise platform is camera agnostic allowing individuals to go live from any device of their choosing. We have seen incredible footage from various drones including a live firework display captured after a USL soccer game that was broadcasted through our enterprise platform. We supported their needs and allowed them to switch between six production cameras in real time.

“The ability to own live-streams is meaningful for content providers that want the live-stream to be a part of their holistic content strategy, maintain their branding and own the entire experience — VideoNuze”

Owning the live and offline content directly on your digital property creates a new way for brands and individuals to monetize through advertising and increasing sales on their site. Most brands already have a major following across multiple social networks instead of using live content to help extend their social reach with they are able to extend their reach while driving traffic to a digital property that they own.

We have worked with a wide range of clients including Arsenic Magazine to assist in content monetization as well as professional tennis tournament to help boost fan engagement and increase ticket sales for future tournaments.

Are you a brand or individual that feels like they are missing out on all the fun? Then make sure to fill out an enterprise request and we will get you set up from there.