How To: Setup BanSync as Streamer & Moderator

This post will show you how to setup a BanSync as a Streamfinity Streamer oder Moderator.
With Streamfinity BanSync you can sync Chat Bans and Timeouts above 1h between multiple channels.

For Streamers

  1. Login to Streamfinity as Streamer:
  2. Navigate to the BanSync Feature:
  3. Choose a BanSync you want to listen to and click “Listen”
  4. Enable the Moderator-Interface Feature:
  5. Grant the BanSync Permission to your moderators:

For Moderators

The Streamer has to follow the procedure above to set the correct permissions for his moderators.

  1. Login to Streamfinity as Moderator:
  2. Select the Streamer you want to access
  3. Navigate to the BanSync Feature:

We recommend to setup some presets in the FFZ-Plugin. All information about that can be found in the Moderator-Interface.