Streamfinity 2.

Around the last time it got pretty quiet around Streamfinity. With this post I want to stand out some reasons and announce new plans for 2018.

The last year was awesome for Streamfinity. We gained a lot of users and collected tons of feedback!

In early July of 2017 I started as a web developer for the german YouTube channel PietSmiet and took part in the “Alternate-Life” GTA Roleplay project. Because of this, my private projects got neglected. This is changing in 2018!

We will release more articles in the near future!

Statistics of 2017

  • 300 streamers
  • 5.000 moderators
  • 3.000 unban requests
  • over 30.000.000 chat messages
  • over 500.000 logged timeouts and bans
  • 6.9 million concurrent followers by our signed up streamers

Version 2

I’ll make it short. The new plan for 2018: Rewrite everything.

The main focus of the second version is to
1. improve performance
2. take our security standards to a next level
3. enhance the general user experience.

As a first sneak peak, we will merge Streamer and Moderator Interface to a single app, which makes switching between managed channels as easy as never before.

Speaking of data, we will increase our persistent chat and logging database serving much larger amounts of stored messages and statistic data.

With the new Twitch API we can benefit of much more features, like managing clips and get more detailed stream information. For this, I created an Open Source Library for the new announced endpoints. We will also emphasize contributing to Open Source in the new year.

2018 Roadmap

Stage 1: planing

A complete new codebase will be created, implementing all known features and previous plans.

Stage 2: testing

We will migrate and convert all data to the new databases, matching our new standards and roll out voluntary access to the new Verison 2 beta.

Stage 3: migration

After testing and improving Streamfinity 2, the new base is getting rolled out to all users.

Some of our achievements of 2017

  • Partnering with Summoner’s Inn, the official German League of Legends Community.
  • Enhanced tens of thousand lines of code based on user feedback.
  • We collected many user responses through our live chat support.
  • Hundreds of users have been unbanned by moderators and streamers, giving back the possibility to take part in chat.
  • A whole new infrastructure with servers based in Germany and the US