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10 reasons to use Streamline to create better products

1– Add the best icon designers and illustrators to your team 💪

2– Use the best tools to speed up your workflow ⚡

3– Add the best icons to your projects ⭐

4– Streamline your workflow 👍

5– Invest in a bootstrapped, sustainable company 📈

6– Made by makers, for makers ✊

7– No marketing Bullshit, we hate it too ✌️

  • We don’t force new users to signup to get our free assets.
  • We don’t display third-party ads on our app. We keep our interface minimal to focus on the beauty of our icons, and ads are visual noise.
  • No aggressive popup or other marketing tricks that interrupt your workflow.
  • We give a 50% discount when users commit to a one-year subscription. It’s a reward to trust our project and invest in us.

8– Use diverse and inclusive graphic assets 🌈

9– We keep innovating for twelve years 🚀

10– More amazing features coming soon ✌️

🚀 Ready to try it?



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Vincent Le Moign

Founder – Work faster, create beautiful products with the world's best Icons, Illustrations, and Emojis