10 reasons to use Streamline to create better products

Vincent Le Moign
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6 min readFeb 10, 2022


1– Add the best icon designers and illustrators to your team 💪

Our team of 8 veteran designers creates icons and illustrations exclusively for Streamline. Since 2010, we design all our UI graphic assets from scratch. That makes us the world’s most experienced icon design studio.

We’ve created 150,000 icons and illustrations, and we’re adding hundreds more monthly. No other team created that much, with such a high and consistent quality.

You can request new icons or new illustrations. We’ll be happy to create icons that are useful to our users.

2– Use the best tools to speed up your workflow ⚡

We didn’t choose the easy way: Create the best icons AND develop from scratch the best software to use them.

Our four developers built the Streamline app and keep expanding it. With our web app, you can find, customize and add icons to your projects in seconds. Try our Figma plugin, and add icons to your project without even leaving Figma!

We are working on more features: Artificial Intelligence, multi-user accounts, revamped UI, public API, scene builder for illustrations…

3– Add the best icons to your projects ⭐

Most of our competitors focus on building a marketplace. They leave the content creation to random sellers or free users. So, you’ll find thousands of creators providing similar icons with inconsistent quality.

These marketplaces give you tons of content… that you cannot use! Have you found yourself browsing for hours to find the right icon? Trying to match disparate icons collected from random icons sets? Most competitors don’t control the quality. They overwhelm you with too many choices of inconsistent and competing assets.

From the start, we took the opposite direction. We produce all our assets in-house. We check the consistency of our icons. We spend tons of time controlling and improving the quality of our vectors.

You know you got the best UI assets for your projects.

4– Streamline your workflow 👍

1- Less noise: with Streamline, you get only the best assets, with very distinct styles. Our sets don’t compete with each other, they are complementary.

2- All the best UI assets are available in the same place. No time wasted, you know you got all the best assets in all popular styles, with professional quality.

3- The market's largest choice. Our signature is to produce MASSIVE sets. You don’t need to mix and match with other sets. Your work looks consistent, your team got a homogeneous database of images available.

4- Supafast workflow. With our Streamline app or Figma plugin, you find the right graphic and copy/paste it into your work in seconds.

5– Invest in a bootstrapped, sustainable company 📈

When you start using our icons, you are investing in assets that we will keep improving.

During the last 12 years, we saw many new competitors launching icons sets… then disappearing. Most of them were never expanded or maintained. UI sets that are not maintained lose their value and waste your money.

We started making icons in 2010, so you know we will still be here next year.

You are our investors. We give you the best return on your investment.

6– Made by makers, for makers ✊

When we look at our first icons created in 2010, we are not proud of them…

But like all our maker's friends, we become better every day. We take our time to make it perfect. As we don’t delegate the creation of the icons, we have total control over every asset created and improve daily.

We also make our legacy sets better. The icons we’ve created for Streamline since 2012 have already been improved 4 times! (from Streamline 1.0 to 4.0)

Our icons sets are ever-growing and always improving. When you subscribe to our icons plan, you know that the value of our assets will increase endlessly.

7– No marketing Bullshit, we hate it too ✌️

We are here to create the best icons, not sell our souls.

  • We don’t force new users to signup to get our free assets.
  • We don’t display third-party ads on our app. We keep our interface minimal to focus on the beauty of our icons, and ads are visual noise.
  • No aggressive popup or other marketing tricks that interrupt your workflow.
  • We give a 50% discount when users commit to a one-year subscription. It’s a reward to trust our project and invest in us.

8– Use diverse and inclusive graphic assets 🌈

Images should represent a more fair, diverse, and inclusive world. We work hard to represent all genders, ethnicities in the graphics that we create.

Over the past years, we have made sure any profession would show both women and men. We’ve added more LGBTQ themes and various ethnicities in our illustrations.

Suggest ideas and feedback on our requests boards, and help us to improve even more!

9– We keep innovating for twelve years 🚀

First UI Design framework ever created, including UI components, icons, and swatches. Released as open-source.

First massive vector icon set, with 1,500 icons: ‘Minicons’.

First customizable vector stroke width: ‘Streamline’ 1.0.

Our first app coded from scratch: ‘Fontastic’. An easy way to create icon fonts or SVG sprites.

First global colors for icons: ‘Kameleon’. Users can change colors for all the illustrations in Illustrator.

First set to reach the 5,000 icons milestone: ‘Streamline’ 2.0.

The first illustration collection with three different styles: Line, Duotone, Multicolor. ‘Streamline UX’ also comes with adjustable strokes and global colors.

First icon set with 30,000 icons and three different styles: Light, Regular, Bold. ‘Streamline 3.0’ is the most massive icon set ever made.

The first version of our Streamline app. Browse, search and customize icons in seconds.

The first version of our Figma plugin. Access all Streamline assets without ever leaving Figma.

Added 12 new icon sets and 65,000 more icons with ‘Streamline 4.0’. Users can also access more than 20,000 illustrations and emojis.

Figma plugin 2.0. Rewritten from scratch. Now released with drag & drop support, collapse/expand feature, UX improvements…

10– More amazing features coming soon ✌️

We have exciting projects in development, that we will release in the next months.

On the roadmap for 2022 ⤵

🤖 AI-powered search and better tagging for all assets

🖥 Desktop app, with Drag&Drop in your favorites apps

🤏 Change strokes width for icons and illustrations

↔️ Expand strokes to outlines

👥 Manage multiple accounts for teams

💠 Abstract vector elements and repetitive patterns.

✏️ Sketches vector annotations.

🔮 3D icons and illustrations.

📽 Animated icons.

🎛 Illustrations scene creator.

🚀 Ready to try it?

It’s free and no signup is required.
100,000+ icons
25,000 illustrations
2,300 emojis



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