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A small preview of the 30,000 new icons inside of Streamline 3.0

I first released the Streamline icon set back in 2013. Since then, it’s remained my best selling product. It’s also been the go-to icon library for many freelancers, agencies, startups, and even Fortune 500 companies like Amazon, Adobe, Mercedes Benz, Citibank and Mastercard.

We’re constantly making updates, general improvements in style, and also adding more icons. I say “we” because I have a team helping now. Before going into the nitty-gritty, let’s stroll down a quick trip through memory lane.

  • 2013: Streamline 1.0 — The very first version with 1,500 icons. This is the first pack to my knowledge that exceeded the 1,000 icon milestone and to get adjustable line weights. 😎
  • 2015: Streamline 2.0—Next big release with over 4,000 icons.
  • 2016: Streamline 2.5—A free upgrade bumped the total icon count over 5,000. This release also shipped with Iconjar files to make life a lot easier when you need to search for a specific icon to use.
  • 2018: Streamline 3.0—A completely massive undertaking. Over 30,000 icons, this is the world’s largest icon library. It’s taken a full year, starting in April 2017, with 7 Designers and 2 assistants involved, to log more than 10,000 hours of work. 😱 These improvements were largely based on customer feedback after our survey last May.
  • 2019: Streamline App Launch! 🚀 You can now find icons in seconds and download them as SVG, PDF or copy them in the clipboard.

🔥 Over 30,000 icons. The world’s largest icon library

With over 10,500 unique icons, we’ve more than doubled the number from the last release. Each icon is available as a three uniquely-designed weights, for a grand total of 31,500 icons. They’ve been organized into 53 themes and 720 categories—an average of 13 categories per theme.

More icons for each theme

After lots of feedback, we’ve expanded the number of icons for the most commonly used themes, like business, shopping and e-commerce, coding, etc.

A few new icons for the Business theme

New categories

We’ve added brand spankin’ new themes inspired by the evolution of culture and tech. Things like artificial intelligence, drones, podcasts, mobile shopping, face ID. That brain is a pretty cool AI icon, right!? 😊

New themes: drones, podcasts, Artificial Intelligence, Face ID, mobile shopping

More diversity

The previous Streamline version lacked gender diversity. With Streamline 3.0, almost all user and profession icons received a female variation. We’ve also added a gender neutral version for the user category.

Each user and profession icon now available as both genders

Alternate style for the User categories

We kept the “Classic” style, as requested by the beta testers, and added a new geometrical and stylized style.

More logos

We’ve updated logos like Snapchat, Medium and Scribd. We’ve added new ones like Stripe, Spotify, Fitbit, Nomad List, and many more.

Soooooo many icons

The numbers can get a little confusing, but overall we’ve grown the Streamline library from 5,000 to 10,500 unique icons. With three unique weights per icon, we’ve got over 30,000 in total to choose from.

A few examples of the 5,500 new icons added to Streamline 3.0

🔍 Find the right icon in seconds with the new Streamline App

You’ve asked, we’ve listened.

Not everyone has access to Iconjar and many people have asked for something similar. We’ve developed our own web app that lets you browse, search and download our 30,000 web icons right from your browser.

Our new Streamline Application
  • Search through 30,000 icons.
  • Download icons as SVG, PDF or copy/paste them in Figma, Sketch, Adobe Illustrator/XD...
  • Change color in a few click before downloading iocns.
  • Works on any platform: Windows, Mac OS…

👍 Improved icons designs

Each and every single icon has been improved with more consistent look and better legibility. Take a look below to see what I mean…

More examples of icons improvements: better proportions, negative space and style

3 icon weights

Each icon in Streamline 3.0 has three unique weights. The differences are much more than just bumping up the stroke for each version too.

🛴 Light — the classic Streamline style with bits of detail here and there designed with a 1px stroke.

🚗 Regular — a new minimal style designed with a 1.5px stroke.

🚜 Bold — a new solid style akin to the iOS 12 guidelines.

Notice the difference in details and overall feel of each weight? Good, because each one was designed from scratch. They have their own personality and are meant to be used separately.

New Regular weight, perfect at small sizes

The Regular weight is a bit thicker (1.5px stroke) and uses less details. It has better legibility compared to the Light weight, and can even be reduced from 24px to 16px while still staying sharp. They will look great on small menus, buttons, and generally minimal interfaces.

New Bold weight, following the iOS guidelines

Last year, Apple launched a bolder style for the iOS 11 interface, with thicker lines and more solid shapes. Our new Bold weight follows the iOS Human Interface Guidelines, perfect for designing iOS apps or for using highly legible iconography in general. Just look at those juicy nuggets of goodness down there.

A few icons with the new Bold weight, following the iOS 11 guidelines

Fun fact: Apple doesn’t recommend toggling between different icon styles anymore (eg. changing between a solid and outlined version.) Instead, they recommend the use of color to communicate state change. The more you know… 💫

From Apple’s iOS11 guidelines — “Use color to communicate selected and deselected states”
The bold weight is great for way finding or use on darker backgrounds

🏎 Faster workflow

Better organization, with over 50 themes

We’ve rethought the way the icons are organized, splitting big categories into smaller ones and making the overall structure easier to navigate.

With Streamline 3.0 you’ll now have 53 different theme files, using easily identifiable names like Users, Ecology, Business, Travel or Romance

720 icon categories

Each Theme file is divided into multiple sub-categories, so it’s easier to browse and find the right icon.

Each theme file get a lot of categories to easily browse and find icons

New Interface Essential file

If you’re the type of person who buys icons online, it’s probably safe to say that you use your fair share of interface icons too. Since this is one of the more popular categories, we’ve grouped all the UI-related icons in one place.
A total of 940 icons for frequent use.

“01 — Interface Essential” Theme file, including 57 categories

Over 30,000 icons, all available in Iconjar

If you work on a Mac, Iconjar is one of the best ways to manage large icon sets. We’ve neatly organized the Streamline icons into 53 groups and 720 sets, all tagged with up to 10 tags per icon.

Now every Streamline set comes with .iconjar files. No more panning around a giant artboard to find the right icon. ️🔍🤷‍

Screenshot of the IconJar app

💎 Improved Sketch files for a better workflow

“Please allow me to search in the Sketch file by using the native search bar. This means you’ll have to add proper names to every layer or group. I beg you.”

— Feedback from a disgruntled Streamline 2.5 user 😓

After hearing many requests for a better workflow in Sketch, we’ve improved the Streamline 3.0 .sketch files dramatically.

Each icon will be provided as a symbol, named with easily searchable words like “Love-Romance / wedding / wedding-bride-cake.”

Named symbols FTW

💎🔎 Find icons with native search…

Searching for icons in the Sketch layers panel

🏃🔎 Find icons with Sketch Runner…

Such speed. Much Sketch Runner. Fast.

🔗 Use icon files as libraries, to quickly insert an icon in any document. Streamline 3.0 provide 53 files with themes like Business, Ecology, Romance or Users.

Nicely organized naming conventions

All these improvements are possible thanks to the fantastic Sketch plugin, Sketch Icons. Huge thanks to Valentin Chrétien and Antoine Moreaux 🙏🏻

🔨 Improved SVG icons

Listening to your suggestions, we’ve also improved the SVG code:

  • We’ve removed the transparent layer used in Streamline 2.5, relying only on the SVG viewBox attribute.
  • We use the currentColor SVG value, instead of hard coding the color. Much more flexible for you to control the icons colors via CSS.

💸 New price and pack tiers

Streamline 3.0 is not a feature upgrade, but a brand new product. We’ve improved nearly ALL of the original icons, added 5,500 more, reorganized and improved the whole pack, plus added 2 new styles, etc.

It represents 1 year of work between 7 designers — over 10,000 hours of combined work. 🤜💥🤛

You can now choose between 2 different packs and 3 weights within each of the packs

Essential Pack

The Essential Pack provide around 3,000 icons with the most used icons in interface design. File types: .iconjar .sketch .ai .png .pdf and .png

  • $67 for one of the three weights (Light, Regular, Bold)
  • $134 for all three weights (3 weights for the price of two)

Ultimate Pack

The Ultimate Pack includes all 10,500 icons. File types: .iconjar .sketch .ai .png .pdf and .png

  • $137 for one of the three weights (10,500 icons in Light, Regular, or Bold)
  • $274 for all three weights — over 30,000 icons in total (3 weights for the price of two)

👉 Don’t forget to Download the free 300 vector icons + 30,000 PNG icons here. It’s free for commercial use :-)



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