Dev Update March 2019

Weilei Yu
Weilei Yu
Apr 4 · 3 min read
Weilei Yu at the Streamr stand at RadicalxChange in Detroit in late March

Welcome to our March dev update. We are quickly leaving behind the coldest of winters and heading into spring for both Streamr and the crypto ecosystem. During the last month, our Network team continued with their development of Broker Nodes and we are seeing good progress on this front.

Many of our team members have been focusing on the website and Editor UI revamp, which should be released toward the end of April — or early May at the latest. That is a delay of around a month based on our initial deadline estimates last year.

We have continued working on developing and integrating Community Products into the Marketplace, together with the continued fine-turning of Monoplasma to handle high volume micro-transactions on the side-chain.

A few weeks ago, I helped present the upcoming features offered by Community Products to conference goers at RadicalxChange in Detroit. Attendees came from various backgrounds — app builders, data science firms, researchers, sociologists — and all offered positive feedback. They seemed incredibly enthusiastic about seeing Community Products released into the wild for users to get their hands on.

Thanks for reading as always. Below is our regular list of updates.


  • Integrate overlay topology algorithm into network code
  • Look into stabilisation issues of topology algorithm and come up with multiple fixes
  • Allow previousNumber to always be null in message duplication detection
  • Account for msgChainId in duplicate detection
  • Make compatible with new message id v30 format
  • Update broker (data-api fork) to work with network again
  • Implement unsubscribing from streams
  • Keep track of pending connections


  • Improving Monoplasma
  • Talked to potential Monoplasma dev partners in EthCC Paris
  • Started work on Community Products
  • Presented Community Products ideas in EthCC Paris
  • Ethereum module bugfix
  • Talked with LivePeer and investigated their probabilistic payments protocol Streamflow
  • Uniswap integration with Marketplace
  • Whitelist functionality in new marketplace contract
Henri introducing Monoplasma at ETHDenver in Feb

EEM (Engine, Editor, Marketplace)

  • “APIfy” module endpoints
  • Fix docker image issue with JavaModule
  • Docker image of streamr-web3
  • Fix speed setting not working in historical mode
  • Products listing endpoint: duplicate results
  • Generate IDs for Stream config fields
  • Add /api/v1/users/me{/changePassword} REST endpoints
  • Add User avatar image
  • Fix duplicate results in Marketplace product listing
  • Spinning up engine-and-editor docker env in CI
  • Fix click editor background to unselect module & close sidebar
  • Don’t show port droppable states for module’s own ports
  • Investigate editor design feedback
  • Made menu nav links to editor component work without refresh
  • Hooked up user pages and created canvas button
  • Added a range of basic tests for canvas operations
  • Worked on connection handling when handling subcanvases
  • Started work on simplified runtime canvas/module handling
  • Investigated flakey CI env
  • View subcanvas in read-only mode
  • Scheduler module
  • Refactor editor modal init, add notification to autosave fail
  • Add name for private network
  • Toolbar styling
  • Add tooltips to editor toolbar
  • Custom Java module, code editor
  • Stream and module search improvement
  • Right-click context menu for ports
  • Add module categories for search
  • Stream selector component for Stream module
  • Speed setting not working in historical mode
  • Products listing endpoint: duplicate results
  • Generate IDs for Stream config fields
  • Add /api/v1/users/me{/changePassword} REST endpoints
  • Add User avatar image
  • Fix duplicate results in Marketplace product listing


  • Parity Integration in Lisboa (Review)
  • Setup CI/CD for Landing page in Staging
  • Deploy new network instances
  • Create Mariusz VPN access
  • Document how to access user with token on Private Eth Network
  • Document how to setup Metamask Staging
  • Setup Cassandra Cluster
  • Add Zug office to staging
  • Configure cloudfront to support new frontend deployment
  • Document Steps to Update AWS Service configuration
  • Document AWS configuration flow
  • Requests are randomly extremely slow on staging
  • Trouble with websockets on staging
  • Something wrong with data-api deployment
  • Add new Cassandra table to staging

News from Streamr

Weilei Yu

Written by

Weilei Yu

Head of Developer Relations at Streamr. Vision driven and bias for action. Crypto enthusiast and learning about ML as hobby.

News from Streamr

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