Dev Update May 2019

Weilei Yu
Weilei Yu
Jun 7 · 6 min read
After many months of development, the Core App (beta) has been launched to support data analytics and prototyping

Welcome to Streamr Core Developers Update for May. It has been an exciting and hectic month in equal measure. You see that from the long changelog at the end of this blog post. But it’s also something which, going by the number of Github commits we racked up, ConsenSys and Blockcast Labs & Research also made note of.

Our first beta testing event for Streamr Core went well. We gathered some decent feedback from users and they helped uncover remaining bugs. It was heartwarming to see community members volunteering their time and effort to improve the platform for everyone. If you haven’t tried the now deployed version, do go and experience it firsthand. You can also read this blog post by Chief Design Officer Matt Innes, which gives a run down of the major feature updates. Just a reminder Core (a merger of the old Editor, other parts of the Streamr stack and entirely new elements) is still in beta as there are a few remaining bugs to be ironed out and a number of suggested features the Core team would like to implement. Any feedback for improvement or bug reports are always welcome.

Fluid drag and drop experience for modules on Streamr Canvas

On the Network side the core team has implemented a light adapter to bridge data from a MQTT broker to Streamr. The adapter supports stream auto-creation based on MQTT topics. With this it’s very simple to bridge data from, for example, HSL MQTT servers or Ubikampus MQTT servers. This means any company or developer already familiar with, or having running MQTT brokers, can now easily integrate with Streamr. In case you don’t know what MQTT is, here is a short overview:

Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT), is a network protocol especially built to enable efficient communication to and from Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

Additionally, unlike the most popular networking protocol HTTP, MQTT does not follow the request/response mechanism for communication. Instead, it uses the publish/subscribe paradigm (popularly known as Pub/Sub).

Source: Why Everyone is Talking about MQTT

The good news gets better. Following the introduction of data signing to ensure chains of messages can be made tamper-proof, Streamr core developers were also able to implement an initial version of end-to-end encryption for the data transferred over the Streamr Network! It is currently undergoing internal testing and the tentative plan is to now roll it out with the Milestone One release, instead of M2 as initially planned. This means that as soon as the first version of Streamr Network is out, streams will be encrypted end-to-end, preventing man-in-the-middle attacks or data tampering. That brings us us ever closer to the world’s first p2p pub/sub service Network for real-time optimised for machine data.

As always, thanks for reading. Here’s our regular list of updates:


  • Add missing field msgChainId to resend requests


  • Community product server with functional API

API & Clients

  • End-to-end encryption with symmetric group key in JS and Java clients (still in testing)

Core App (Engine, Editor, Marketplace)

  • Quick fix SolidityCompileDeploy module


  • Reduce memory footprint of Cassandra in streamr-docker-dev environment

If you’re a dev interested in the Streamr stack or have some integration ideas, you can join our community run dev forum here.

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Data done differently. The open source, blockchain-powered Network and Marketplace for real-time data. #Ethereum #Web3 #SmartCities #IoT. Follow us on Twitter, join our sub-Reddit, or chat with us on Telegram.

Weilei Yu

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Weilei Yu

Head of Developer Relations at Streamr. Vision driven and bias for action. Crypto enthusiast and learning about ML as hobby.

News from Streamr

Data done differently. The open source, blockchain-powered Network and Marketplace for real-time data. #Ethereum #Web3 #SmartCities #IoT. Follow us on Twitter, join our sub-Reddit, or chat with us on Telegram.

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