Dev update May

From our robot demo at our pavilion in Consensus. Sometimes Devs get confused too.

Welcome to May’s edition of Streamr developer update.

Phew! It’s out. Our biggest project of the first half of 2018, the Marketplace, was launched with a real bang at Consensus 16 May. The launch went really well, and got us a lot of visibility. Everyone on the team spent almost three solid days engaged in conversation and showing off what we’d built to the hundreds of people who entered our pavilion. That itself was a brilliant learning experience.

However even though the Marketplace is now out, it doesn’t mean that the development team’s work has ended. Far from it. Even before we start adding other functions to the Marketplace, there have been loads of jobs to get going with, either associated with the Marketplace or other parts of the Streamr system. There was also a biggish exercise in trying properly repair a few issues which we’d patched or missed because we were in such a hurry before Consensus.

A detailed list of the development in May can be found below. After reading that, please go try out and play with the Marketplace now it’s up an running. You can, for example, continuously locate the International Space Station, or monitor the power usage of the United Kingdom. Even better — go create your own realtime data product!


  • Marketplace UI/UX bug fixes and improvements
  • Product page responsive design implementation
  • Product tile grid responsiveness
  • Product filter styling
  • Fixed the Stream edit/create permissions request
  • Search input bugfix
  • Add favicon to Marketplace


  • Add free streams to Marketplace
  • Fix bugs in stream permissions
  • Hold Ethereum hands-on workshop in a security research centre


  • Edit product: Paid product price is not being updated
  • Fix the issue where the purchased subscriptions do not expire
  • Purchase dialog: Update product from backend after transaction completes (paid product)
  • Add limit to purchase dialog digits
  • Hide notification if modal is open
  • Add check if web3 account is linked
  • Disable add free product button if subscription exists
  • Add redirect to login when trying to add free product while not logged in
  • Add ability to edit a free product without MetaMask


  • Add wait spinner during create/edit save
  • Add custom checkbox
  • Style Set Price dialog
  • Prevent scroll reset on modal close
  • Fix prefilling setPriceDialog ownerAddress after logging into MetaMask
  • Button styles
  • Stream selector styles
  • Fix editing of category
  • Update modal backgrounds
  • Style ReadyToPublishDialog confirm input
  • Style product display/create/edit toolbar
  • Style purchase dialog flow
  • Style generic dialogs
  • Add ability to sort streams by name, recent & added to Stream selector on Product edit page


  • Prepare Marketplace launch
  • Fix issues with streamr-client.js code not being transpiled properly
  • Fix some frequent errors in Marketplace
  • Fix issue where Marketplace scrolls down a bit on reload (mobile)
  • Fix links in Marketplace
  • Add loading animations to Marketplace Product list
  • Add Error Boundaries so that if a component in Marketplace fails it’ll fail gracefully
  • Fix bug with Marketplace allowance
  • Fix various other small bugs


  • Hackathon
  • Cassandra 3 node cluster deployment
  • Ethereum watcher deployment for Marketplace
  • Remove Marketplace IP-whitelisting (publish)
  • Update Marketplace deployment to use all edges


  • Product listing page improvements (eg. search, pagination)
  • Notification tweaks
  • Fix lots of bug and style fixes for marketplace launch
  • Add asynchronous image loader for product images
  • Fix stream listing actions to be shown only for published products
  • Unit tests for utils and categories module


  • Add conditional back button logic not to break the page
  • Fix responsiveness issues with small devices
  • Fix incorrect link in Marketplace footer
  • Implement Related products section on product page
  • Display product image on product page
  • Improve minor Stream list styles and bugs
  • Finalize Product details responsive styling
  • Fix issues with negative price and price changes
  • Handle issue with uploading large images gracefully
  • Fix minor issues caused by refactoring product entities and views
  • Minor styling improvements My Products/Purchases


  • Clean up styles for Empty Product List component
  • Fix a state corruption due to caching
  • Prevent user from entering certain dialogs by manually entering an url
  • Humanize numeric price presentation in various places
  • Stream list responsive styles and a custom accordion component for table-like displays
  • Fix product list not re-rendering after uploading a new product cover image
  • Minor style fixes


  • Finalised the new version of the landing page, including:
  • Build the new “Our Partners” section
  • Replace “Coming soon.” with a nice “Visit the Marketplace” link
  • Build 404 page for the Marketplace
  • Went through a couple of styling sessions for the Marketplace
  • Took care of bug fixes and maintenance tasks that make development process more seamless
Juuso Takalainen (far right) employing his gift of the gab