News: DPP DataStreams is available now on Streamr

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Digital Assets Power Play is happy to announce an exclusive edition of our DataStreams service is now available through Streamr.

The Streamr Marketplace is a storefront for the world’s data streams. It showcases all types of data, both free and commercial on the Streamr Network, and acts as a single common interface for bringing together data buyers and sellers who transact using DATA tokens as means of payment — without any transaction fees.

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Views of Streamr’s Marketplace

As a leading provider of crypto data, we’re proud to partner with a leading marketplace of the world’s data streams. Our partnership with Streamr allows us to bring DataStreams to a wider audience, making it even more accessible to pro-traders, businesses, and start-ups.

This exclusive edition of DataStreams offers access to a variety of live crypto data from five exchanges — Bitstamp, Coinbase Pro, Kraken, Bitmex, and Tokens. Users can access a variety of comprehensive data including real-time trades, order books, OHLCV, technical indicators, indices, and crypto news & sentiment feeds. Future updates or expansions to the Streamr edition of DataStreams are possible based on the needs of the marketplace. We will work closely with Streamr to monitor feedback and ensure this edition of DataStreams is curated to fit the needs of the Streamr marketplace and users.

Co-founder of Streamr, Henri Pihkala said:

“We’re continuing to see great data products listing on Streamr’s Marketplace. As a former algorithmic trader myself, I know how important it is to have access to the most current and insightful information out there and Digital Assets Power Play is certainly helping to fill that critical gap for the multi-billion crypto trading space. We’ll continue to build out many new features on the Marketplace in 2019 both for those buying and purchasing data streams and I’m glad DPP is joining us on that journey.”

Check out our exclusive edition of DPP DataStreams on Streamr and discover new crypto trading opportunities today. For more on algorithmic trading and strategy creation, be sure to check out the DPP Platform.

About us:
Digital Assets Power Play (DPP) is a leading provider of the most advanced algorithmic crypto trading platform and services on the market, including the DPP Platform and DataStreams. Our goal is to empower crypto traders and allow anyone to trade like a pro using the power of algorithmic trading.

The DPP Platform is an intuitive algorithmic strategy creator connecting crypto traders to 14,000+ markets across more than 100 exchanges, and making advanced automated trading tools accessible and user-friendly for anyone. Easily create, backtest, forward test, and run multiple automated trading strategies across several crypto exchanges. The DPP Platform provides access to comprehensive market overview features, data streaming, historical data, forward testing, portfolio management, and more. Enterprise-level data streaming and historical data services are also available with DPP DataStreams and DPP Historical.

Sign-up for the DPP Platform, invite friends, and start earning immediately with our referral program!

DPP tokens are available on Uniswap and Tokens exchange.

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