Rocket Chat Hero of the Month: Nathan Sgarlata

We’re very happy to announce our very first Rocket Chat Hero of the Month. Please put your hands together for Nathan Sgarlata!

How to be a hero

Every month, we’re rewarding users on our Rocket Chat who we feel have contributed most to our ever-growing developer community. This contribution can come in many wonderful shapes and sizes. You might have created an imaginative use case or interesting project, or maybe you’ve shared some especially interesting insights or been uber active answering questions. In short, while there’s a multitude of ways for you to grab the nomination, one thing they’ve all in common is that they’ve all benefited the community.

Why Nathan won

Nathan’s a great example of that. First and foremost, he’s using his expertise to build an app on the Streamr platform. To do this, he’s using hundreds of data streams, showcasing the incredible potential of Streamr’s realtime data magic. What’s more, he’s not only shared some issues regarding API function, he came up with a workaround for the community. Hurrah! Last, but not least, he has always been on hand to help fellow dev members with any API clarifications they might need.

We hope you’ll all agree, Nathan is a very worthy winner. To show him our appreciation we’ll be sending him a bag of Streamr swag today.

If you’d like to join him in the Streamr Hall of Heroes, be sure to join our community on Rocket Chat. We look forward to seeing you there!

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