Streamr DATAcoin And Where It Can Be Obtained

Trading view from Binance’s platform

Last year, Streamr created a cryptographic token called DATAcoin, or $DATA, in order to ensure that the future of the data economy could be serviced by trusted and scalable micro-payments. Without it, the project — like many others out there — would have to rely on fiat banking services which would stifle such payments with prohibitive charges. Today the token is being used as a means of payments on our realtime Data Marketplace.

Oftentimes, when we’ve written about the Marketplace, Streamr Network or any other component in our ecosystem, discussion touches upon DATA and where to obtain or trade it. This blog is here to provide information — and information only — on where it can currently be obtained (and subsequently disposed of) in order to facilitate its use on our platform.

We’ll be updating this post, whenever we find out that a new exchange has listed $DATA.


Bitfinex is a full-featured trading platform for major digital assets & cryptocurrencies. Ethfinex is part of Bitfinex with that enables users to trade ERC20 compatible tokens. Both Bitfinex and Ethfinex offer leveraged margin trading through a peer-to-peer funding market. You can find Streamr DATAcoin listed in both Ethfinex and Bitfinex. Bitfinex was founded 2012 and is one of the oldest exchanges. At the time of writing Streamr DATAcoin can be obtained from Bitfinex using USD, Bitcoin or ETH.


BitForex is a exchange founded in 2018. Streamr $DATA was one of the first tokens listed in BitForex. The company is headquartered in Singapore and is registered in the Republic of Seychelles, having independent operation teams in Germany, Estonia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Philippines. At the time of writing Streamr DATAcoin can be obtained from BitForex using USDT. is a US based exchange. At the time of writing, DATAcoin can be obtained with USDT and ETH. There are nearly 300 other trading pairs available at


According to their words, Mercatox is a multifunction platform, combination of crypto and e-currencies exchange, payment service and P2P exchange based on blockchain. You can obtain $DATA in ETH at the time of writing. Mercatox has around 130 other trading pairs available.


HitBTC has been around since 2013. They have wide range of available trading pairs (more than 500). You can obtain Streamr DATAcoin in ETH, USD and USDT.


IDEX ( is a decentralised exchange for trading Ethereum (ERC-20) tokens. IDEX combines the speed of centralisation with the security of blockchain settlement. Due to the aforementioned, you can obtain DATAcoin in ETH.


Bancor ( is a bit different from traditional exchanges. It’s a liquidity platform where you can convert between any two tokens on their network, with no counter-party, at an automatically calculated price. You can see the list of tokens you can convert to Streamr $DATA on their site.


Led by Changpeng Zhao, Binance ( is one of the biggest exchanges today with a claimed capability to process 1,400,000 orders per second. DATAcoin can be obtained from Binance either with ETH or BTC.


DragonEX ( is a cryptocurrency exchange, focused on Chinese clients. It has its own token and profit sharing scheme. $DATA can be obtained from DragonEX with ETH.


Coinone ( is one of the major Korean exchanges. The company is also developing a variety of blockchain related businesses, such as global money transfer service Cross. Coinone has $DATA available in KRW.

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