On the hunt: Fredrik (USA)

Interview with Fredrik, Street Art Cities hunter from Los Angeles, America

Name: Fredrik

Occupation: Filmmaker, Founder of mural and public art agency Impermanent Art, Head Of Content at Street Art House.

Hometown: Originally from Stockholm.

Hunting territory: Los Angeles.

Member of Street art cities community since: 2017

Tell us a bit about yourself. Card-carrying member of the resistance.

Hunter Fredrik from Los Angeles

Does your current occupation match with your childhood dreams? Yes. I always wanted to be a filmmaker. And always knew I’d end up in a creative field.

You can see my work on: YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, occasionally on TV.

Tell us about your connection with street art. In the late 2000s street art blew up in Los Angeles. The first piece I can remember that really stopped me in my tracks was a pasteup by Morley that said: “I would do pretty much anything to not be forgotten.” From there — like so many others — I was swept up in the excitement of MOCA’s “Art In The Streets” exhibition, “Exit Through The Gift Shop” and Banksy’s subsequent invasion of Los Angeles in the weeks leading up to the 2011 Academy Awards. Whenever I had downtime at work I would obsessively scour the back streets and alleys of L.A. looking for interesting art, trying to take nice photos and posting them on then-nascent social media platform Instagram. There was a beloved street art and graffiti blog called “Melrose & Fairfax” that was just ending a great run and suddenly — I guess it’s fair to say — my Instagram feed became known as the go-to source for coverage of L.A.’s street art scene. I made an effort to meet as many people in the scene as I could — in L.A. and around the country on my work travels — and pretty soon people started approaching me about facilitating street art projects. And that’s how Impermanent Art came to be.

My most recent discovery in the street art scene is: A couple of guys calling themselves Bohemia Incorporated. 3D street art installations.

Bohemia Incorporated

My biggest street art crush is: N/A

Local artist that in my opinion deserves more exposure: Not that he’s an unknown by any means, but I’ve been impressed with the work that HiJack has been doing lately. Well-executed stencils, thought-provoking themes, interesting and gutsy placement, never signs his name.

Besides street art, I am most passionate about: Travel, live music.

In my free time, I like to: Hike.

My current musical obsession is: The latest Perfume Genius album.

The last film I watched was:mother!

The last book I read was:The Content Trap’ by Bharat Anand.

The website that consumes most of my time is: Instagram. I spend way too much time on Instagram.

The #1 thing on my bucket list is: Attending a Calcio Storico match in Florence.

My hunting kit includes: An iPhone and a Vespa.

Fredriks hunting kit

My newest purchase related to street art: (sketches, paintings, prints, etc.) (Add a photo, if possible) A t-shirt designed by Raul33.

T-shirt designed by Raul33.

What I like most about hunting street art: It combines a few things I’m passionate about: art appreciation, urban exploration and photography. And you get to meet so many cool and interesting people along the way.

As a street art hunter, I would love to visit: I’d love to see the mural projects in Rochester, Richmond and Fort Smith. I haven’t been back to Detroit since I got into street art.

The biggest challenge of being a hunter is: Cars and shadows.

The best piece of advice I can give to newbie hunters is: Look for street cleaning signs to tell you when you’ll be able to get a clear shot of a wall without cars parked in front.

What is one artwork that people need to see in your hunting territory? The most spectacular new mural in Los Angeles in 2017 is the towering Hopare piece painted for Avenue Des Arts.

Hopare piece painted for Avenue Des Arts.

Which hunter from Street Art Cities community should be interviewed next? Why? Tor Moen in Stavanger. He’s a well-traveled street art encyclopedia and a great guy. And Stavanger is one of the most special street art cities in the world.