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SAC community selected Belarusian mural best of November

The Street Art Cities community voted Eugene Mutus’ recent mural ‘Digital World’ for for Urban Myth project in Minsk as ‘best of November’. Street Art Cities preselected a number of murals painted in november and let it’s followers pick 4 finalists of which local talent Eugene Mutus won.

courtesy of Urban Myth

Belarusian local

The talented Belarusian artist Mutus recently finished his newest mural called “Digital World” mural, painted on a 12-store building in his hometown Minsk. He’s been painting since 2010 being inspired by Banksy’s movie “ Exit through the Gift Shop” which lured him outside. After some “adventures” with law enforcement he painted his first large scale mural. Now Mutus is experimenting with various art techniques both in the format of acrylic painting and in his works on the street. His paintings with a touch of melancholy reflect the author’s thoughts on the path and place of man on earth. Show this talented artist some love and check him out on Instagram.

Mutus paintings, courtesy of the artist

The winning wall painting is dedicated to the connection of global communications, nature and human life. In the painting author reinterprets Slavic mythology in a whole new way.
The picture shows a modern girl who weaves a thread from a tangle of constellations, which looks like a network of global connections or blockchain. This resembles the plot of Slavic mythology about the goddess Mokosh, a symbol of life’s wealth and abundance, whose image is associated with spinning and weaving, as well as fate and crafts.

Urban Myths

The Urban Myths is an interactive street art project in Belarus, where participating artists create their artworks based on interaction with local people, trying to reflect on the past and present of the country in their artistic endeavours. This painting has become the part of the triptych “Future”. a project that unites three huge murals on the walls of the 12-story buildings near the wide road in Minsk, which is a kind of “gateway of the city” from the west side. The artists from three countries were invited to reflect in their artwork the image of modern Belarus and the changes that are occurring thanks to active youth and the development of high-tech industries. Triptych “Future” was born from a collaboration between the Urban Myths project and A1 company. You can find more about this project on their Instagram page

on the left Artez’ work and on the right Mutus’ mural, in the meantime the middle one has been finished by Spanish artists Slim & Wedo, courtesy of Urban Myth

Surprise victory

“It was a bit of a surprise for us”, says Tim, Street Art Cities’s community manager. We only discovered Mutus recently and were pleasantly surprised he won. It’s the first time we ran this vote-getting competition, instead of us choosing the best murals like so many other street art blogs, we decided to let our community choose their favourite. Over 1000 people voted during the first 4 rounds and the finals and Mutus won with a staggering 53% of the votes from artists like Inti (Chili), Lula Goce (Spain) and Sasha Korban (Ukraine).

We love that this young talent won because that’s one of the most exciting things about our platform. Street Art Cities is an international community of locals, we like to call them hunters, who document street art in their city and showcase local artists to our global audience. Feel free to check our world map, good to know that Minsk is also part of our community thanks to 2 hunters (‘alexkualex’ & ‘ra_se_ni’ on Instagram), they did an amazing job documenting over 600 locations.

To put the cherry on top, Minsk is also available in our free Street Art Cities app, the first app available in different cities. It’s available on IOS and Google Play store, download it here.