Street Art Cities: Best of August

Our new formula proved to be a winner, instead of picking a favorite from 4 artworks, our audience could now choose seperately whether they like an artwork or not. Your response was huge with almost 75k of views of our 100 slelected artworks, our nominees came from all over the world from Japan to South Africa, from Kiev to Bogota. Most artworks are found in Spain thanks to the Artaerorap festival in La Baneza and Gargar in Penelles, but our top 10 this month holds ground in Sweden, Belgium, Spain, France , Australia and Latin American Brasil, Peru and Mexico. So here’s (y)our top 10 of August.

10: “Presence” by Slim Safont in Penelles, SPAIN

The small city of Penelles in Cataluya has probably the most art per person in the world with only 500 inhabitants. Gargar festival has invited several artists since 2016 a nd with this years edition you discover almost 100 murals in this little town. SAC alumni Slim was part of this year’s line up and he used the importance of the tourist presence for this small rural village as an inspiration.. Thanks to the urban art project GarGar, the village receives continuous visit from visitors circulating from transiently through the village and they form a new appearance and identity to a village that was
aging. The mural is made in the space dedicated to most events.

9: “Dream Catcher” by Farid Rueda in Cancun, MEXICO

The first mural in months since his last one in Italy, shares the Mexican artist. A mural mixing animals related to the area where he’s living in, specific Cancun Mexico, where the Mayan civilization developed their culture. The Jaguar was an important animal for them, for this reason he appears in my Dreamcatcher, and the owl was an element for the Aztec who represents the night and the dreams, both are making a balance, as Jing-Yang, this place where it was made it the mural is a hotel, so is a place for rest, for this reason the Dreamcatcher gives all the visitors some good energy.

8: “A Índia da selva de pedra” by EDMX in Pedreira, BRASIL

Rua Cônego José Pascoal Cristófaro, 367–555n Pedreira SP

EDMX last mural is called “A Índia da selva de pedra” or “Concrete Jungle Native”. São Paulo doesn´t have many parcs or forersts, but has a lot of concrete. You have to work hard to stand out of the crowd, because of that we call the city a concrete jungle.This mural was a part of a neighboorhood revitalization and the idea was to make a big Forest mural. EDMX decided to create some kind of city native for the big city.

7: “Arya” by Rast in Bagneux, FRANCE

Discovery of this month is French artists Rast who joined the Green Summer jam organised by Larmetis. Preety good skills if you ask us ..

6: “The Lake’ by Telmo Miel in Gamleby, SWEDEN

Gundelvägen 2, 594 32 Gamleby | Street Art Cities Map

The Dutch duo Telmo Miel was nominated 3 times for this month’s best off. They been pretty busy travelling form Boulogne-sur-Mer to Breda and Vastervik where they painted this beautiful work for Bank Streetart festival in Vastervik.

5: by Kitsune Jolene in Bruges, Belgium

At my feet the city slumbered. From its chimneys, here and there,
Wreaths of snow-white smoke, ascending, vanished, ghost-like, into air.
Not a sound rose from the city at that early morning hour, but I heard a heart of iron , beating in the ancient tower.
From their nests beneath the rafters sang the swallows wild and high; And the world, beneath me sleeping, seemed more distant than the sky.

Inspired by the “Belfry of Bruges” a poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow(1845), the young Kitsune could admire the medieval rooftops of Bruges from her lift while working on this blindwall. She painted this beautiful portrait for the Bridges , the very first street art fesitival in the old city. Brainchild of local artist Wietse who has been working on this project for years and finally he can present 9 stunning murals by Belgian artists.

Hooistraat 46, Bruges — Street Art Cities map

4: by Rone in Hawthorn, AUSTRALIA

635 Glenferrie Rd, Hawthorn VIC | Street Art Cities map (or download our free app)

Australia has had a rough ride, just when they’ve recovered from the devastating bushfires, Covid hits and is till hitting hard. Lucky they’ve got so many talented artists healing the wounds like Rone for example. Check out his first mural after his lockdown….

3 “Simon Bolivar” by SEF in Lima, PERU

604 Avenida General Manuel I. Vivanco, Lima | Street Art Cities map

SIMON BOLIVAR was one of the most important figures of the emancipation of the South American regions under Spanish domain. He freed different countries, including Peru, where SEF was born and raised: “I’m fortunate to have been raised in the Pueblo Libre District, which was very close to the last Bolivar residence when he lived in Peru in 1823, and is now the Anthropology and Peruvian History Museum. I remember when I was very little, my brother and I would leave after school to go to the Libertarors’ Estate play with the plants, the shells, and also to see the portraits of the libertadors and Peruvian presidents, and pictures of carriages of the time. Those scenes left great impressions on my childhood.Approaching the bicentennial of Peruvian independence, I wanted to interpret the main characters of the Liberators Estate with my graffiti style and my theme of kids innocence.”Supported by municipality and district of Pueblo Libre.

2: “No pressure no diamonds” by Zenith & Does in Antwerp, Belgium

Brederodestraat | Street Art Cities map

Antwerp’s hottest artists of the moment Zenith invited his old friend Does to bring some summer ‘freshness’ to his city. “Last months the world and people went crazy. So it was time for an antidote. A colourful and vibrant expression of a desire for life.
No matter the weather it’s up to us to learn and dance in the rain.
This wall is also an hommage to the Hip-Hop culture, a culture risen out of pressure just like jazz and blues….. those artforms are not just genres….. they are socio-hystorical movements that document the lives of countless people in any kind of struggle… they are also a manifestation of commitment, discipline and creativity.” : according to Zenith.

1: “Pippi Långstrump” by Case Maclaim in Blackstad, SWEDEN

Backsippevändan 2, 593 76 Blackstad | Street Art Cities map

Our nr 1 of the month is another Nordic wonder, the 2nd artwork from Bank Streetart festival in Vastervik, Sweden. Located on a elementary school in Blackstad just 25 km from the hometown of Swedish author Astrid Lindgren. The mural represents Case Maclaims reinterpretation on one of Lindgrens most famous characters (and Cases favorite when growing up) the independent, free spirited and full on anarchistic Pippi Långstrump.

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