Street Art Cities launches a mobile app

Exploring cities through street art is now made easier with Street Art Cities app

This blog post is not going to be a story about a huge success. Not yet. But it might inspire you to transform your passion into something bigger. And something tangible. Like a mobile app.

If you know the story behind Street Art Cities, you are welcome to skip this paragraph. For those who do not know us, we are a bunch of fanatics joined by their love for street art. It all started with one street art hunter, documenting the local scene in Heerlen on a website, but meeting like-minded people turned it into a huge community, which then became Street Art Cities.

Once Street art Heerlen website went viral and people started demanding for street art tours, we quickly realized the importance of a mobile application, which could give all the required information and routes with street art pieces.

There are several things that make Street Art Cities app stand out amongst other street art map apps:

Mutiple cities, one app.

Just with one app you can have a selection of cities from all around the world. Switching between those cities now is really easy and fast — you can go from Heerlen all the way to Los Angeles — in just one click!

Always up to date.

The best news is — there are street art hunters working in each of these towns to make sure that all the information and artworks are up to date. So you don’t have to worry that you’ll go all the way to the outskirts of a town only to find out that the wall has been demolished.

Interactive map.

The users can see how far they’re away from the next city/artwork, or quickly navigate to the location of their favourite artwork. It is now easy to search through the list of artworks and like or share the chosen ones.

Constant growth.

Currently there are 16 cities on Street Art Cities Map. Our team is also constantly working on adding more places, so you can be assured that the list will only get bigger!

The list of features could go on and on, but it won’t be as effective as hands-on experience, right? So go ahead and jump to the stores:



With love,

Street Art Cities team

Street Art Cities

Explore cities through Street Art.

Jūratė Šepetytė

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Currently: feverishly trying to come up with ‘some good stuff’. Previously: @streetartcities

Street Art Cities

Explore cities through Street Art.

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