Street Art in Apple Maps

We’ve partnered with Apple to show you Street Art right inside the Apple Maps app

In Apple’s new iOS 14 on iPhone and iPad, the Apple Maps app now will encourage you to explore your city by showing you curated guides, created by publications like Lonely Planet, Time Out, and… Street Art Cities!

We’ve been working with the Apple Maps team to bring the unique street art knowledge and beautiful photographs from our hunter community into the Apple Maps app. This is a great way to allow a new audience of people that might not be as familiar with street art to discover what their city has to offer.

Some of our hunters have already been able to help us build beautiful guides around their cities, some of which are already live and several others that will go live in the coming weeks. If you’re a hunter on Street Art Cities and you’re willing to help create a guide for your city, please send us a message.

We’re very grateful to be working closely with Apple’s editorial team to come up with concepts for new guides and inspire this new audience with amazing street art. Let us know if you have any ideas for future guides!

If you want to have a peak at some of our guides, click the links below:

More to come soon!

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