Year 2: Street Art Cities just keeps on growing!

Thomas Schoffelen
Jan 24 · 4 min read

During the year, the Street Art Cities core team mostly works remotely (from Antwerp, Amsterdam and Heerlen, to be exact!), but since we started, we’ve made it a habit to come together each January to align our visions, goals, ideas and dreams for the year.

Yes, I said “each January”, because Street Art Cities is now more than two years old. Frickin’ unbelievable. We started mapping street art in one of the smallest cities of the Netherlands, and thanks to our amazing community, little over two years later we’re mapping half of the world!

Anyways, back to our January planning day. It’s a full day of creating roadmaps for our community growth, our tech development, and talking through all of the projects that we are running with artists, brands, municipalities and events. More importantly though, it’s also a moment for our team to reflect on how far we’ve come, and how close we are to reaching our overarching goal:

Mapping Street Art across the globe. All of it, everywhere.

And every time I look at the stats in preparation for that day, I realise that we’re closer to that goal than ever.

Taking over the world, one city at a time

When we met up with the team at the start of 2018, this is what the stats looked like:

And we were pretty happy with those numbers. I mean, less than a year old and more than 10k artworks mapped! Also, 57 countries, that’s almost a third of all countries, like, in the entire world. I don’t think we opened a bottle of Champagne (we should have!), but I do recall some whisky being poured after I showed the team those stats…

So you’re probably wondering what it looks like today, right? I did too:

We more than doubled the number of cities in a single year! We’re well on our way to hit 20,000 artworks somewhere in Q1 or Q2 of this year. And we’re officially active in 37% percent of all countries in the world! I feel pretty good about our chances of hitting close to 50% before 2019 ends.

Always be addin’ artworks

I know I already mentioned it twice, but that is all thanks to our awesome community. Our hunters are an army of tireless picture-snapping, walking-boot-wearing researchers that never seem to sleep.

Just look at the graph below that details the times of the day hunters most often upload artworks:

(times are based on the Amsterdam/GMT+1 timezone)

Fridays between 2am and 4am is apparently the only time that hunters don’t seem to be hunting too much. When are they hunting? Literally every other time.

The best time to hunt? Tuesdays between 8pm and 10pm, it turns out!

It doesn’t end here

There’s a ton of other cool stats that I could share with you. For example:

  • Our mobile app downloads have risen an unbelievable 414% since last year, now totalling more than 50,000 downloads across iOS and Android!
  • We’ve slightly lost count, but there’s been more than 20 newspaper and magazine articles published mentioning the Street Art Cities app (including the Ryanair in-flight magazine) and another 30 or so blog posts written about us.

And there’s so much more amazingness to share!

We’ll be blogging about the amazing stats of our company, community and platform during the course of 2019, and can’t wait to share more of the excitement that the Street Art Cities community brings to us every single day.

In the mean time, if you haven’t already, be sure to download Street Art Cities on your phone, or view all of our hundreds of cities on!

Street Art Cities

Explore cities through Street Art.

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Street Art Cities

Explore cities through Street Art.

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