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Street Art Cities
Explore cities through Street Art.

Putting a spotlight on female artists and artworks featuring iconic women

Like we did in February for Black History Month, we’ve once again teamed up with Apple to celebrate International Women’s Day by creating several guides that feature amazing artworks made by women, as well as artworks that celebrate iconic women.

Murals of Iconic Women

These murals across NYC embody some of the most iconic women in the world. Not all are created by women, but all are of women who have made contributions to society and paved the way for women today.

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Vilvoorde is an industrial city next to Brussels and squeezed between the river Zenne and the canal Brussels-Antwerp. If you expect a grey, boring city, you’re wrong. Those who walked or cycled through Vilvoorde last summer passed a lot of street art. The city has over 50 different works by national and international artists to share.
To document and publicize these murals, Vilvoorde joins the international Street Art Cities platform.

explore Vilvoorde through street art and discover 50+ artworks

From local talent to international stars

For example, the Antwerp artist Dzia had his first solo show in “De Kruitfabriek”. His golden fox can still be…

I”m delighted to introduce Tymon De Laat, our best of Alumni of february, not only did I meet this talented Dutch artist a couple of times, but I’m also a big fan of his colorful portraits. His work “Leilana” in Kralendijk, Bonaire received some massive love an not only from the locals.

What’s been happening in street art world, hot new art, groovy new exhibitions and other new stuff. A short trip.

Art of the week: Beyond Walls step 10 by Saype

French land artist Saype did it again, he just finished his 10th step of his worldwide “Beyond Walls” project. This time he visited Benin in West Africa focussing on slavery. First in Ouidah, village of Abouta, one of the main slave trade hub in Africa. This was the starting point of a long one-way crossing for millions of Africans across the Atlantic. Secondly, the village on stilts of Ganvié where populations fleeing the slave trade raids found shelter. The giant…

Oslo’s dream of becoming a street art city finally come true.

you can already discover almost 200 artworks in Norway’s capital

Over the last ten years, urban artists of international standing and local art enthusiast have turned the streets of Oslo into one of the city’s most interesting and vibrant art scenes. Now you can find all these hidden gems thanks tot he international Street Art Cities community. Open your app store, download the free Street Art Cities app and don’t forget to bring an extra battery pack, cause you’re in for some inspiring, battery draining Instagram moments….

Norway’s groundbreaking and rich tradition.

Introducing Xolaka, the Spanish artist who is our ‘best of’ alumni in january 2021 with “El Gato” in Lugones, Spain. Only the 2nd mural in Lugones, but what a beauty…

Here it is, our first best of selection of 2021. As always we’ve kept our eye open on social media keeping tags on a lot of active artists. This month we saw a lot of action in Latin America and Spain. Our top 10 takes you from Capetown to Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, Blagnac, Los Angeles to Ordana and Lugones in Spain. Keep an eye out on our IG feed where we show the best art from around the world. …

Introducing Bifido, the Italian artist who is our ‘best of’ alumni in december 2020. Check it here. Our friends at I Support Street Art wrote this about him:

Bifido is an Italian street artist from Caserta. His pastings are of intruiging content, often refering to important issues around children and drugs, violence etc. His urban interventions are intented to impact viewers just like public advertisements do.

introducing our top picks of the month

Finishing the year in style with our ‘best of december’, we’re very happy to see our audience likes to see street art from around the globe on a monthly base. So next year we’ll continue our endeavour and screen the interwebs for new and uncharted urban territories. December’s top 10 will take you on a worldtrip again from Martinique to Taiwan, From Athens to Arkansas and from Stigliano in Italy to Indonesia, scroll down and check Street Art Cities top 10 of december 2020.

#10 “Garbage Tail” by Murmure in Fort-de-France, MRQ

Street Art Cities

Explore cities through Street Art.

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