A Message from the Co-Chairs

Adam and Tim here, welcoming you to the website for London’s only local government conference, Street Level: Connecting Government and Community. Thanks for taking the time to learn about the conference and about how you can join the conversation about connecting government to the street level — directly to the people who live in our communities.

We hope that you’re ready to join us for a bit of a ride this year because we’re planning on doing things a little bit differently than in years past.

Tim and I aren’t exactly senior public administrators. We’re a couple of young guys from London who have spent our lives working to connect what happens at street level with what happens in government. We firmly believe that magic can happen when government employees and residents challenge each other to hear new perspectives, try new things, and take risks together. This year’s conference is going to be about finding that magic.

It’ll be fun, it’ll be challenging, and it’ll help all of us to think critically about how we can work together to increase the capacities of our communities to be resilient, vibrant, and empathetic.In other words, this is going to be a conference with a heartbeat.

In that spirit Tim and I want to share our journey through the conference planning process with you. We’re going to take some risks and try some new things and we want you to understand what we’re thinking so that you can help us to incorporate as many voices as possible into this year’s conference.

So, over the next 14 weeks we’re going to share some stories with you. We’re going to start with an explanation of our theme, an article about the importance of using the London Public Library as our venue, the philosophical choice that we’ve made to lower ticket prices, some early information about our speakers, and some thoughts about why this year’s conference is open to the entire community. As time passes we will post regular updates about the decisions we make about food providers, speakers, special guests, topics, and more. We think that it’s important to have the courage to show our process, mistakes and all, so that we can understand each other better when we get together on October 28th.

And on that note, we encourage you to register NOW! We have a great price of $75/person or if you are a community organization you can register a group of 6 for just $300 ($50/person). We encourage anyone who has difficulty with the price to contact us directly, we will make sure that you can attend. This conference is for everyone and we hope that people from all parts of local communities will join us for a conversation about how to connect governments and communities at street level.

Adam & Tim

PS — Stay tuned for more content, we’ll be getting this page up and running in the coming days!