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Book Pricing freedom

You can now modify book prices for each store and supported currencies

AC de Fombelle
Oct 3, 2017 · 3 min read

Our tech team as silently released a bunch of new features inside our Publish app, giving you total freedom on the way you price your books depending on stores and currencies. Our goal is always to help publishers get the solution they need; here, we are giving you all the possible choices you may want to have, while still providing an efficient default solution if you prefer leaving specific settings to us.

Base price currency choice

Setting a first “base price” for your book, you can choose it according to the market you best know or — most probably — the market where you expect most of your sales to happen.

Choosing this price, you can still choose if you prefer for us to keep the same pricing whatever the store’s price model (Agency or Wholesale) or if you want us to adapt the wholesale price so that your royalties stay the sale wherever the sale happens. This choice is made thanks to the “increase Wholesale prices” option.

Once you define the base price, our app automatically calculates all the prices in all the currencies, applying an exchange rate calculated every month thanks to the European Central Bank’s data.

Price customization according to store and country

Once your base price is chosen, you can customize any price in the different stores you select.

You may want to do that to make the prices more standard in a specific currency (i.e. if converted as €4.82, you may want to turn i into €4.99). We are actually working on a button that would standardize all prices for you. You also might want to have a promo for a specific area, adapt a price to a specific market, etc.

List of supported countries

By hovering over stores’ price models, you’ll see the countries supported by this store for each currency.

Price customization for all supported currencies

Finally, all currencies supported by each stores can be shown and adapted if needed. For instance, Google Play supports 64 currencies, and you can customize prices for each of them.

The list can be quite long and this option will probably answer only very specific needs you may have, but we like giving you the opportunity if the need presents itself.

Of course if you need us to extend possibilities for a specific currency or action, you just need to contact us to explain your need and we’ll be happy to help!


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