Claudia Panunzio: a travelling foodie behind our Print service

While you are sipping a fruity cocktail on a beach, reading your favourite summer book, I’m back from doing just that and happy to unveil a new shining personality of our tribe. Callum being the latest portrayed and latest arrived in our tribe, got to choose who would be portrayed next and was spoilt for choice as he virtually knows no one except me here. Actually “virtually” is a very wrong term here as Callum does know them virtually since we all work together on online offices but he hasn’t met them physically yet :).

Anyway, as per Callum’s pick, I’d like to introduce to you Claudia Panunzio! StreetLib has been around for eleven year in Italy and earned a deserved recognition as a pioneer of the Publishing Renaissance. In this context, we have held a couple of formations on Publishing including a master in digital publishing in association with the University of Macerata where Claudia was first acquainted with StreetLib.

Claudia is one of our Print team member. She also spends a lot of time caring for our customers and helping them with editing but her main attach to StreetLib is our Print service.

There from the start, she helped make paper books a reality for our modern publishing endeavours. Being a digital company has a lot of people guess we are on the “no-paper for books” team but we never thought formats mattered. We’d save books whatever it takes: whatever format they’re in, whoever wants to share them, in any way possible. So we were thrilled when we were able to start paper book distribution. Claudia jumped on the project and ran with it as if she had always been part of the family.

The more I write about us, the more I realize we all have one passion in common (on top of books): travels.

Not so surprising when you know how nomad our company is. One of the ways Claudia travels is through food:

“I like eating everything, from junk food to very sought-after food. My passion for travels combines very well with being a foodie: any place deserves to be known for their own dishes. Whenever I travel, close or far, I’ll make sure to try something I never had before.”

To complete a most interesting character Claudia also lives by a quote from Anatole France:

“Idleness leads to contemplation, contemplation leads to bliss.”*

Spending time doing nothing at home can be the best way to find happiness and Claudia sure agrees with the idea.

Which doesn’t mean she is lazy and aimless as her future holds many projects around the publishing and digital universe: teaching, continuing the StreetLib adventure, getting more into editing, everything is possible!

* translated from French: “La paresse conduit à la contemplation, la contemplation mène à la béatitude.”