Kobo Plus: We are in!

We are happy to announce that all our ebooks distributed to Kobo will be available on Kobo Plus starting June 1! This will allow our authors and publishers to reach an ever wider audience, especially in the Netherlands, where Kobo Plus was launched back in February.

As Pieter Swinkels, Executive Vice-President at Rakuten Kobo pointed out:

“Kobo Plus allows readers to effortlessly discover new authors and try out new genres that they might not otherwise try, encouraging people to read more.”

Subscriptions are the new way people access entertainment (music, movies, tv shows, etc.). It was thus no surprise when Kobo launched a reading subscription service in partnership with BOL.com. For €9.99 per month, subscribers get unlimited access to the Kobo Plus Dutch and international catalog.

“The subscription service operates on a fair-share model, with payouts funded by subscription revenues, which enables a self-sustaining service built for the long-term — encouraging publishers to offer a wide selection of books from all genres.”

We certainly plan on providing a wide selection of books to the Kobo Plus subscribers, and look forward to seeing the fruits of this newly extended partnership with Kobo and Bol!

“At StreetLib we’re proud to allow our authors and publishers to jump onboard Kobo Plus, that will enable their ebooks to reach a broader audience and visibility.
Moreover, I’m personally grateful to Kobo for this opportunity and I’m confident the quality of the catalog we aggregate will contribute to their success in the subscription market.”
Marco Croella, StreetLib S.r.l. COO

For more information about our relationship with Kobo Plus, and how publishers/authors will be paid, check out our website.