Marco Croella, the mechanical engineer who makes bread and sells books

The more I write about StreetLib’s tribe, the more I realize: we are food people. I once almost got fired over a food argument with my boss! I’m French, he’s Italian, we were bound to hit some culinary disagreement at one point (no worries, we sorted it all around a nice dinner). Anyway, this isn’t about me but about our COO, Marco Croella, chosen by Claudia — the latest portrayed — to be presented today. Marco is all about food. Food blogger, food taster, and — most of all — food architect (look at that bread below, don’t you wish you were living in there?). Cooking for his family and always looking for new experiences, his passion is in the happiness of everyone’s tastebuds (including his own). Even if you don’t speak Italian, take a look at his blog, if it doesn’t open your appetite, please check your pulse: you might be dead!

Marco literally titled this pic “bread bread bread”

For a lot of people here, getting in touch with StreetLib (or Simplicissimus Book Farm, as it was called when Marco joined the team) meant finally finding something that we love to do in our work. For Marco, it was all about getting out of boredom. At the time, in 2007, our company was just a few months old. Marco was slightly older than that and working as a mechanical engineer in the Project Finance team of a large bank. I personally have no idea what this may entail but it was a great deal away from the editing work he started to do at night for Simplicissimus Book Farm.

“Marco is a very intelligent man. He’s a creative person and he could be a leader in every field of work (…)”

Looking a bit at his job history (here on LinkedIn for Instance, where I took the quote above), I realized Marco successfully hid from all of us that he actually is at least 6 different persons. I won’t list his resume here and stick to the jobs he accomplished with us. After a bit of editing, jumping from new projects to new ideas, he went from CTO (that’s the boss of the tech side, if you’re wondering), then in the publishing service division, and finally as COO (that’s the boss of operations), his current role. He constantly helps us reach new markets, strengthen relationships with partners and supporters, and works with all the steering committee to define business plans and take strategic decisions. He also works closely with the tech and Care teams to help solve major issues. As for the next steps for him with StreetLib, here is his take:

“ we’re all committed to make our newborn StreetLib USA successful and designing next-generation services for authors and publishers”

Marco is also a runner and preparing for his second marathon. I personally never ran more than to catch a bus or a train (I’m more of a swimmer) and have a hard time believing a “non-sporty person” (his words) can run 42Km (that’s 26 miles!)

“Finisher!”, at Rome’s marathon
“The best part of running, at least for a non-sporty person like me, is that you don’t need to compete with anyone except yourself and that you can enjoy a good run literally everywhere you want.”

Another thing you can do everywhere and with no other real competitors than yourself is writing. Being book people of course lead us to bookish projects and Marco’s plan for the coming month is to write more: maybe a fictional blog, maybe a novel, that’s still undecided. Well, I can’t wait to read your words Marco!