[Press Release] Streetlib becomes Babelcube’s primary distribution partner!

By choosing StreetLib as its primary distribution partner, Babelcube strengthens a partnership built to help authors and publishers reach a wider readership. Easier access to translation and better distribution for truly worldwide publishing.

For more than a year now, StreetLib has been working with Babelcube to allow authors and publishers to translate their books and distribute them worldwide, with no upfront cost. This partnership has been so successful that Babelcube has chosen to make StreetLib its primary distribution partner.

“Babelcube is one of the most promising players in the new global publishing scene. We’re delighted to strengthen our partnership with them and distribute all the Babelcube-translated books to our international retail partners. StreetLib aims to be a global gateway for digital content and Babelcube is a key partner to making this happen.”
Giacomo D’Angelo, StreetLib USA C.E.O.

After testing StreetLib distribution services with affiliates, Babelcube will now distribute their entire catalog through StreetLib, to all StreetLib channels.

“Babelcube is thrilled to be developing a deeper partnership with StreetLib for broad distribution of our books. StreetLib was chosen because of their strong and innovative technology, excellent customer support, and entrepreneurial passion. We look forward to StreetLib helping Babelcube realize our mission of being the easiest way for book publishers and authors to team up with translators and sell their books in multiple languages globally.”
Mark Dresdner, Co-Founder and CEO, Babelcube

Another great step towards the Publishing Revolution where reaching a global readership is cheaper and easier than ever before.

Babelcube Inc, Babelcube has reinvented the way authors and publishers work with translators to sell books in additional languages. Most books are only in one language due to the upfront cost of translation, struggles to find a translator, and complexities of working with retailers in different countries. Babelcube removes these barriers, and the StreetLib partnership creates an even more powerful solution.

StreetLib srl, was founded in 2006 by Antonio Tombolini, who remains the holding’s CEO. The company develops and provides innovative publishing services for authors and publishers, and is one of the major international leaders in the current book industry revolution.

For more information, please contact:
AC de Fombelle, acdefombelle@streetlib.com,
StreetLib communication manager