[PRESS-RELEASE] StreetLib launches mobile app for its global user base

Giovanna Russo
Sep 8, 2020 · 3 min read

Milan, Italy, September 8th 2020

StreetLib’s new app brings all the benefits of its global cloud publishing platform to mobile devices to make sure publishers and authors are in control of their business, any time, anywhere.

You can download it from the following links:

  • Apple App Store: LINK
  • Google Play Store: LINK

Whether you are an independent author, a small press, or a corporate or transnational publisher, working from a big city office, a coffee house, a remote village or tucked up in bed, if you have a connection you can access your up-to-the-minute sales and other publishing data on the StreetLib mobile app.

Based in Italy, StreetLib is a cloud-based publishing platform providing a truly global and inclusive service for publishers and authors anywhere in the world.

StreetLib CEO Giacomo D’Angelo said:

“Our new mobile app is out today and we invite all our authors and publishers to try it out and provide us their feedback.

Nowadays over 4.8 billion people are online and over 90% of them are connecting on mobile devices. This translates into an unprecedented opportunity to connect with consumers worldwide, on a scale quite unimaginable just ten years ago.

There has never been a better time to be a publisher or a content creator, but you can’t limit yourself to the traditional boundaries if you want to benefit from all the opportunities the digital transition of the global publishing industry brings.

At StreetLib, we aim to provide the best multi-service cloud publishing platform available for authors and publishers not afraid to test new solutions and explore new and uncharted territories. We believe that everyone anywhere in the world should have access to published content produced anywhere in the world, and in a sustainable way for the entire value-chain.

We’re working hard to invent and build new solutions to make this possible: today we’re very proud to present our new mobile app that is the first tangible item of a list of new services that we will be rolling-out in the next few months.

We try something new, see the result, try something new again, and then repeat. That’s how StreetLib works and we believe that this combination of creativity, invention and iteration is a great recipe for building the ultimate platform for authors and publishers wanting to tap into a fast-expanding global audience of the next decade.”

With the StreetLib App you can:

  • Track the sales of your ebooks, audiobooks and print-on-demand paper books distributed to over 50 online bookstores, subscription services, online reading services and digital libraries reaching over 400 global consumer outlets and over 50,000 public, school and university library end-points.
  • See in detail all the relevant information about each sale, such as the percentage of earnings and the country, store or the library in which the title was sold.
  • Analyze sales by bookstore, title or genre.
  • Monitor the invoices generated by StreetLib on your behalf.

This is how the StreetLib Mobile App looks like:

About StreetLib

StreetLib is a cloud publishing platform and global gateway to the $150 billion international book market, over 70% of which is happening outside the USA, for publishers big and small. Whether you are an independent author or a multinational publisher, StreetLib offers unrivalled global reach through our worldwide network of retail, subscription service, online reading and digital library outlets. StreetLib distributes ebooks, audiobooks, podcasts, comics and print-on-demand paperbacks as well as offering a full compliment of additional digital publishing services.

Email us at support@streetlib.com


The global gateway distributor of digital and paper books…

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