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Giacomo D'Angelo
Jul 20, 2016 · 4 min read
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Are you interested in StreetLib? You’re welcome to comment directly in the text, to email our Care team at or directly myself at

Day zero, hectic time! We play the game.

StreetLib USA is here and from now on our American Publishers can start benefit from it.

StreetLib’s soul and mission

We’ve been around for a while: 10 years already!

Over the years we’ve been good and fortunate enough to earn the trust of many customers so we’re very well known in Europe; today we are at an important turning point as we start playing on the most competitive publishing arena of the world: New York City.

We have grown on the far suburbs of the tech and publishing empire. We’re passionate engineers, designers, philosophers, hard workers and most of all book lovers.

We like to stay lean and be fully focused on improving our customer’s life. We learned to embrace our constraints and to use limitations to always find new creative solutions. We aren’t coming to the US to waste our or anyone’s time. We’re not here to sell our business to the best bidder. Our values rely on honesty and transparency. We have a long term strategy and we don’t care about passing fads. We love to stay focused on things that last.

We’ve come in the US because we have a clear mission to accomplish and in which we believe: we’re here to speed up the “Renaissance of Publishing”.

StreetLib’s offer

StreetLib is the one-stop solution to answer every publishers’ needs in their publishing process: writing, editing, formatting, sales and, of course, distribution. Books published through StreetLib can be sold in ebooks or printed formats all over the world thanks to more than 60 partners distributing StreetLib’s catalog. Working everyday to create and improve the tools people need to keep the book alive, StreetLib is the Swiss-Knife of publishing tools.

StreetLib provides the following services:

SL Write is a free web app for creating and editing wonderful, high quality and professional-grade digital and paper books, as well as book covers.

Built in 2010, SL Publish is a robust distribution platform for ebooks enabling publishers to sell their ebooks through the most relevant online retailers with unparalleled features. Some of them are: Amazon Kindle, Apple iBooks, Google Play, Kobobooks, Barnes&Noble Store, Playster, 24Symbols, BajaLibros, and many more targeting various languages and regions of the world. The world is much bigger than the US and SL Publish let you reach the widest possible audience.

SL Print enables print-on-sale for everyone with a “digital first approach”, eliminating the unpredictable problem of the growing rates of unsold printed books returns. SL Print is possible thanks to huge technology progress in digital printing. It enables sales via online bookstores such as (others are coming up).

No advance on printing costs, no stock or return costs: thanks to SL Print, printing and distribution of printed copies becomes a sustainable option.

SL Sell is an itinerant e-commerce platform that brings ebooks and paper books where potential buyers are, turning upside down the usual ecommerce paradigm of building traffic (that is, bringing people) to your store. With no technical skills or need to purchase an e-commerce system, anyone can sell books anywhere online.

The Renaissance of Publishing

We provide our world class technology to any kind of publishers, from publishing houses to small presses and independent writers. Today, thanks to StreetLib, anyone gets the same access to book production and distribution as big publishers always did: this changes everything.

We call it the “Renaissance of Publishing”, and we’re very proud to be here to speed up this process.

That’s why StreetLib’s gate are wide open: we welcome diverse contents and mindsets and won’t object to anyone wanting to play the publishing game seriously and fairly. With StreetLib, the smallest and loneliest writer can use the very same technology than the most powerful publisher.

That’s why StreetLib has no upfront cost: we love to have partners rather than customers, taking the same risk they do. On top of this, we love taking down barriers to allow anyone to enter the amazing digital publishing market.

The publishing landscape is an open ocean to sail on and the map is yet to be drawn.

So, how can you sail through it with no map?

We at StreetLib think the cleverest thing to do for you as a publisher is to have the explorer’s attitude: you should be moved by your passion and skills and not only by the money. You shouldn’t be afraid to try and even fail at first in order to find the right path to be successful in the long term.

You shouldn’t mind your “status quo” and waste your money to fill up the experts’ pockets, on the contrary you have to stay lean and move fast across experiments. You have to embrace the change brought by the Internet and the Mobile technologies, to not be afraid to try new solutions and to relentlessly dig up the brightest partner to play with.

We envision the “Renaissance of Publishing” because we’re sure there are plenty of people with this mindset and we’re ready to work with them. With you.

StreetLib already has more than 100 American publishers onboard and we’re willing to tenfold increase this number within the next twelve months.

Today we officially start our operations in the USA to better serve them, by providing our astounding customer care and by offering all of our services, but this is only the starting point.

Come say hi, join the game and stay tuned to enjoy our next steps forward with us!


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