Welcome PayPal and easier payment management!

Here is a great news to join StreetLib USA: In our general goal to make our StreetLibers’ lives easier, we are extremely happy to introduce the latest improvements of our payment systems and platform.

We are adding PayPal with no fee an a $0 threshold, Payoneer is now accessible to all with a $0 threshold as well, the bank transfer threshold is lowered from $60 to $30 and all your payment methods can now be safely stored and easily manageable on your dashboard.

Actually, if for some reason, all these payment options still don’t meet your specific needs, please contact us, we don’t want technicalities to be the reason you can’t enjoy our tools our services, we’ll find a way to get you your money!

PayPal with zero fee

PayPal is in! On top of Payoneer and Bank transfers, you can choose to get your royalties via PayPal. The cherry on the cake? You’ll have no fee at all and the threshold to get paid is $0!

This is valid for now on for all StreetLibers affilitated with StreetLib U.S.A., hold tight for some similar news on StreetLib S.r.l. side.

How to set it up? Just go to your StreetLib dashboard and enter your PayPal email in your Payment methods list.

Payment methods on your Dashboard

We just released this new system allowing you to safely store diverse payment methods on your StreetLib profile to easily manage how you’ll get paid for your next invoice. Once stored, you can choose your preferred payment option on your billing profile and, if you need to switch for a future invoice, you’ll just need to make the change there before your invoice is issued:

If you have any comment, question, concern, don’t hesitate to tell us via email or directly in the comments below!