7 Reasons Street Photography Is Good For You

Streetphotography is good for you. On many levels I have noticed that street photography has had a very positive benefit on my life. If you are a street photographer, then I’m sure you’ve noticed this too, and if you aren’t a street photographer, I’m sure you’ll want to give it a try now.

1. Street photography gets you out

Street photography requires you to get out in public. Sure, you can apply street photography ideas to non street photos but if you want to take street photos (candid photos in a public space) then you need to get out. This has a lot of health benefits including…

You end up walking a lot

Many people live pretty sedentary lives (I’m sure it’s worse in the suburbs of certain cities than living in the centre of a city) but with street photography you have to get out and walk (unless you do a series on public transport). That means you will burn off some calories and stay fit and healthy.

Street photography gets you exploring around you

If you start doing street photography, you’ll quickly start exploring the world around you and discovering new places and spots. You’ll want to go to more interesting places and learn more about the sides of your city that you don’t know about. This also has the benefit of encouraging you to get out more and explore as well as helping you to get more connected with your area.

2. Street Photography is social

Although street photography is traditionally about being invisible on the street, it is also incredibly social. You’ll find yourself engaging and meeting many people if you start going out on the street.

other photographers

One of the big social aspects of street photography is with other street photographers. Going to meet ups with other photographers as well as photo walks and conferences (not to mention the blogging communities. Hi guys.)

street portraits

If you direct people on the street with street portraits (what I would consider a sub genre of street) then you’ll start to engage with people and meet many new folks. If you just try and take one persons photo a day, you’ll end the year meeting 365 people. That’s not too bad.

3. Street photography gets you out of your comfort zone

Most of us live most of our lives stuck in our comfort zones. This might not seem bad but in truth it makes us unwilling to take risks and missing out on the best things in life. Street photography can be a way to daily break out of your comfort zone and stretch yourself. Meaning that when other opportunities come in life, you’re more used to taking those chances when they arise.

4. Street photography (should) make you less judgmental

This isn’t true of everyone, but I know it has been true of me. Street photography has made me less judgmental of people. That’s not to say I don’t still hold personal beliefs and even think those ideas would be good for people (i.e. being an alcoholic isn’t a good life choice…whether it is a choice or not) but I won’t turn my nose up at someone who look or acts differently to me.

5. Street photography is inspiring

Photography (including street) is inspirational. It makes us feel and aspire to different ideas. It can help us feel empathy for those around us. It can cause us to questions ideas and values we hold In a way that words sometimes can’t.

6. Street photography keeps your brain active

Learning something new keeps your brain active and younger. This helps you to keep learning as you get older and also stay more mentally sharp.

7. Street photography makes you more aware of dangers on the street

When you start taking street photography, you’ll become a lot more aware of all the things going on around you on the street. This helps you to be more aware of dangerous things going on around you. Helping you to stay safe while on the street.

Any other ideas?

I’m sure you have your own ideas and have noticed some benefits for yourself in shooting street so leave a comment below.

Originally published at Chris J Wilson.