Dear Santa, for the Fuji x100u I would like

Christopher Wilson
Dec 17, 2015 · 3 min read

Dear Santa, As you know, I’m a huge fan of my Fuji x100t. It’s a great fun small camera which just begs to be taken out and used. It has a cool retro vibe and doesn’t intimidate people when you take pictures of them with it. However, seeing as it is Christmas, I thought I’d tell you some of my wishes for the next update to Fuji’s x100 line (the fuji x100u or perhaps the Fuji x200?) and ask you to make my christmas dreams come true.

[Update: It seems the successor might be named Fujfilm x100F why F? Who knows]

A Full frame Fuji x100u

Everyone knows Full frame is better than crop sensor. Despite the fact that we used to consider large formate “full” frame and really “full frame” is just a marketing term, it is true that more light on a sensor generally gives it more dynamic range and so better image quality (plus less noise at high ISO). I’d love the X100 to be bumped up to full frame, but that might result in a larger lens, camera and lose it’s compact nature… that would be a big lose.

This seems pretty unlikely, Although there were some rumours the X-Pro 2 might have a larger sensor, it seems less likely now. If the X-Pro 2 isn’t going full frame, I doubt the next X100 will either.

Even better glass on the Fuji x100u

The lens on the Fuji x100t is good, but it’s the same lens as the previous 2 versions. I’d love to see the lens updated to a new, improved version, one with built in distortion correction, maybe even faster but at the same focal distance.

This looks pretty solid, the rumours seem to suggest that the X100 line is getting a bigger update this time with a new sensor and so a new lens.

A Titlable LCD screen for the Fuji x100u

Having used an adjustable LCD screen on my olympus cameras, having a fixed LCD screen on the x100 feels disappointing. The ability to position a camera high above your head and then see what you will take, or place it low to the ground without having to crawl in the dirt is brilliant.

This is “low hanging fruit” and an easy choice to upgrade…then again I thought that last time so we’ll have to wait and see.

Update: A weather sealed Fuji x100u

Today I was out shooting in the snow and the wet and cold made me a little self conscious about my fuji x100t. I’d love the next version to be weather sealed to the point where the battery last the same length as during a normal weather day and also make me not worry about what effect the water might potential have on my device.

Don’t change the spirit of the camera

The biggest wish I have, is that the “spirit” of the camera stays the same. It’s easy to see how adding a few things here or there could be “nice” but ultimately the fuji x100 line is so good because of it’s simplicity and basic nature. You don’t have to think about what lens to use, it fits in your coat pocket, it has simple intuitive controls and so on. By adding full frame, different dials, bigger glass etc, there is a chance that the spirit of the device would be lost and something like a Leica Q would come out the other end. Nothing wrong with that, but it’s not a fuji x100.

What would you like to see?

Those are my wishes but I’d love to know what features you’d like to see in the next fuji x100 camera. Maybe you’d like something I’ve said or something completely different. Let me know in the comments below. [ I should add that I really have no intention to upgrade but if fuji do bring out an x100U or x200 and “santa”/fuji would like to send me one…]

Originally published at Chris J Wilson.


revealing beautiful moments in ordenary life

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revealing beautiful moments in ordenary life

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