The Best Camera Doesn’t Always Make the Best Street Camera

A curious thing has happened to me in recent weeks. My brilliant, always on me and ready Fuji x100t camera has become slightly less amazing than it had historically been and this is a direct result of summer…well the summer weather.

During winter I would put my Fujifilm x100t in my coat pocket when I went into a shop or situations where I didn’t feel I could bring a camera (or absolutely could not bring it with me). This was a great soltution and meant that I always had my camera near my hand and easy to set up and get ready to shoot (A key characteristic of a good street camera in my opinion).

During the summer I don’t take my coat which either means I have to put my camera in my bag (making it much harder to suddenly pull out), or avoid these locations. Unfortunately these are the sort of places where I have to travel through everyday. This has meant that I now have to choose to bring my camera with me and choose to shoot street photos, something I never did before.

Olympus OM-d em-1, Fuji X100t and Ricoh GR

That’s the problem with having a bigger camera, even the ever so slightly bigger camera of the Fuji x100t over say the Fuji x70 or Ricoh GR series. As such, while I still think the Fuji x100t may be the greatest camera that there is (Okay, maybe the x100F is an upgrade and even better, maybe one of the new digital hasselblads or 5d mark IV has better image quality, I still think the x100t is superb for taking photos of your daily life) I don’t think it is the perfect street camera for someone with a day job. Something like a fuji x70 or Ricoh GR (feel free to leave a comment with an alternative suggest) or maybe even a smart phone might be an even better street cameras.

Originally published at Chris J Wilson.