The Best Features I’ve Seen in Different Street Cameras

I’m still processing (pun not intended but welcome) some thoughts and reflections after coming back from Lviv, Ukraine. One of the things that came up (briefly) was gear and I want to do a slightly different take on things. Basically I saw a Fuji X70 for the first time and instead of comparing different street cameras, I want to highlight some of my favourite features from street cameras (some of which are contradictory).

Fuji X100t Optical and digital viewfinder

I really love this viewfinder. It’s partially the fact that you can switch between a battery saving, more wide view optical viewfinder, and a digital “what you see is what you get” (terms and conditions apply) digital view. It’s really handy and the position is great for me (I shoot with my left eye in the viewfinder and it’s really comfortable for me. I’m fairly sure it would be more comfortable if I shot with my right eye but for some reason I shoot with my left eye).

Fuji Classic Chrome simulation

I love these creamy colours. Not too bright but with such depth. The only issue is when the whites get overblown and then things seem a bit ugly to me.

Ricoh GR snap focus

This little feature is so handy for instant snap reactions. Set it to f8, get hyperfocal set up and you know most things will be in focus from X meters onwards. You can also use it for flash to have it set up perfectly for a certain distance. When you combine it with the autofocus, you can mix and match for whatever situation.

Ricoh GR one hand operation

It’s so nice to be able to adjust almost everything one handed. You can be carrying something in one hand and have the other exclusively for your camera.

Fuji dial controls

The dials are so handy for getting your settings set up quickly. The aperture ring works so well for adjusting the exposure on the go, especially if you are shooting fully manually. It has a really satisfying click and it’s pretty easy to distinguish between full and third stops.

the X70 tilt screen

The tilt screen is a feature I’d love on more cameras. It opens up some different angles and some discreet shooting options.

Olympus SP 35 focusing ring

The SP 35 has a focusing ring which has a little piece of plastic which you use to focus. It can be a bit slow when you first start using it but soon you work out where some key distances are. This means you can very quickly be in focus and ready to snap, quicker than an autofocus

What are your favourite features of different street cameras?

I’d love to know what some of your favourite features are from different street cameras. I suspect some of them are contradictory (for example, I’m not sure the x70’s flip screen would work with the x100’s viewfinder unless there was some heavy modification) but who cares. We can still dream.

Originally published at Chris J Wilson.

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