The Two Main Reasons Why You Should Shoot Flash Street Photography

Recently I looked at how you can use off camera flash with your fujifilm x100 series camera such as the X100T and X100F, but I didn’t cover the reasons why you should use flash and really, that was a better starting point. After all, if you don’t know why you should use flash in street photography, then you won’t see a point to it, or you might not get the results you desire. So here is a quick video on the two main reasons why you should shoot flash street photography.

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1. Flash let’s you control the light

Normally in street photography everything is out of our control. The actors in the scene, the weather, and the light. But with flash, we can take control of the light…to some degree. This allows us to overcome some barriers that we may face like it being dark, or walking into overpowering on coming light.

With off camera flash we can take this even further by positioning the flash unit in a way to cast the shadows we wish by moving the flash unit where we want, great for street portraits.

2. The aesthetics of flash street photography

Flash provides a certain style that you may, or may not like. This includes the hash shadows, bright saturated colours and frozen moments. It also includes those images of light streaks in the background with a frozen subject in the foreground. Some people don’t like this style, but others love it!

I’d seriously suggest you try shoot flash street photography out as you may get addicted!

Why do you think you should shoot flash street photography? (Or why don’t you!)

Those are the two main reasons I can think of to shoot flash but maybe you can think of another. If so, leave a comment below.

Also, my next video will be about why you shouldn’t shoot flash street photography as well as tackling some flash street photography myths. so if there is a reason you don’t shoot flash, leave that in the comments below too.

Originally published at Chris J Wilson.