Using the Fuji X100t with off camera flash

Christopher Wilson
Nov 9, 2017 · 3 min read

I was in Berlin again over the weekend and got to go shooting with Oliver Krumes and Martin Waltz. We had a great time taking photos, chatting and seeing the Danny Lyon photo exhibition at C/O Berlin. When we were shooting, it started to get dark pretty early on and I decided to play around with some flash again. I was actually shooting on camera flash with my Fuji EF-X20, but I had my wireless trigger at hand. It made me realise that I haven’t gone over how you can use your Fuji X100t (or other Fujifilm x100 series camera such as the X100S or X100F). The principles and gear should work with other cameras though.

Watch the video on using Fuji x100t with Off camera flash

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The gear I use

Alternative gear mentioned

How to set up your flash for off camera flash

Make sure that your flash is in hot shoe trigger mode (on the fuji EF-X20, that is X-Mode). Attach the wireless flash trigger to the fuji x100t (or other Fujifilm x100 series camera) and set your Fuji camera to external flash mode. This will trigger the hot shoe flash and not the internal flash. Next attach your flash to the wireless flash receiver. It should have a hot shoe mount. Make sure your power is on for the camera, flash trigger, flash receiver and flash unit. Also make sure you have your flash trigger and receiver on the same channel (if you are shooting with other people, make sure you don’t have the same flash trigger and if you do, make sure you are on a different channel).

Your Flash unit will have a guide number. This is how much light it pushes out and this will impact your camera settings. If you are using the phottix ares flash triggers which I have, then you don’t have TTL functionality which means you’ll have to set the flash manually when shooting off camera (the Fuji EF-X20 can shoot TTL when on camera or using a hot shoe sync cable).

To know what settings you need to use, you need to do some flash maths. The basics of this are the guide number times the iso modifier (ISO 100 = 1, ISO 200 = 2, ISO 400 = 4 etc) should equal the distance from the flash to the subject (in meters).

Do you have any questions about shooting off camera flash with the fuji x100 series?

If you do, leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to answer them.

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