Why I’m Shooting More Mobile Phone Photography

I had been very critical of Smartphone street photography. Although your smartphone is the camera you always have with you for most people, I also always had a Fuji X100T with me and it was better for street photography.

Well, so I thought.

In the last couple of months I have almost exclusive shot mobile street photography with my iPhone SE and practically stopped taking street photos with a stand alone camera (the exception is some film photos, more in a different post, I promise).

This has lead to me being more and more convinced that mobile phone photography will be my path forward.

To be fully clear, im not 100% convinced and film is in particular attractive (with the exception of the cost). So this is unlikely to be my only form of shooting, but my main form of shooting,

The disadvantages of mobile street photography

Although there are some downsides with taking photos on a smartphone

  • limited battery life on your phone
  • touching the screen as a trigger isn’t great
  • Larger smart phones don’t provide comfortable grip
  • Smartphones can be a more appealing target to steal
  • screens can be hard to see in bright sun light

The fact that you always have it with you, you have editing tools built in, and there are increasingly new tools and advantages that only mobile photographers receive have all resulted in me becoming more interested in mobile photography.

The results

Here are a few photos I’ve taken recently only with a smartphone.


Returning to the start

I really got into photography thank to the iPhone 5S.

The taste of photography I picked up then made me want to improve and get a dedicated camera and yet I soon learned that the camera wasn’t the real issue.

Despite that I spent four years documenting my journey with cameras here. It’s been a great adventure but now I’m excited about mobile phone photography again.

In a months time I may completely regret this experiment and think I was crazy, but for now I’m enjoying it.

Originally published at Chris J Wilson.