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Early Spring, American Psycho in Paradeplatz, Corona and public transportation

I went out for a photowalk.

I am a camera collector, with a severe and probably terminal case of GAS. I had to acquire a new camera for my streetzuri project. All photos are shot with a Leica Q2 monchrom with an orange filter and edited in Capture One.

I start, as always, with a random subject, just to get the juice going. It is generally a throwaway photo. I am showing today's one, just to explain. It was a broken scooter at my bus stop. It felt sad, lonely and interesting:

The boat shed in Wollishofen is a great place to start. I am always curious to see what is going on inside. Getting a good shoot is tricky. It did not help that I haven't yet got a polarizer of the right filter size (49mm). I did my best, shielding the sun with my hand.

All of a sudden, this week spring is blooming in Zürich. It feels like just as the season started, the weather agreed. Yep, it's spring time. The temperature reached 24℃ (75℉) today.

Everyone was out on the lake side. Fuck corona, it is (almost) summer!

As I got closer to the city center, the crowds became more dense. I decided to don a mask and go back home. The Alps were quite appealing in the distance. I want to take my van and drive before lunch.

In Paradeplatz, right where Creditsuisse and UBS buildings tower each other in an eternal battle for status, I met someone who look eerily like American Psycho.

I still feel very uneasy about taking public transportation. Corona cases are climbing again in Zürich in what looks like a third wave. Vaccines are yet to dent this surge:

The fact that everyone has a mask solves one of the touchy issues with doing street photography in Zürich. Privacy. If people conceal their identity, I don’t have to struggle too much with the strict Swiss privacy laws.

A lot of people seem to share this eery feeling about being in close quarters, while others are completely at ease.

Another approach is to shoot on purpose out of focus or with a slow shutter speed:

I am experimenting with dutch angles, to convey the uneasiness of public transportation where everyone tries to distance as much as they can:



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