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2 min readAug 13, 2019


Last month Streeva attended the Paytech Awards in London. These awards honor excellence and innovation in the use of IT within the payment industry worldwide, so Streeva was delighted to receive a nomination for its Swiftaid product in the Paytech for Good category.

This special award, in partnership with Comms for Good, recognises outstanding contribution to a charitable cause from organisations that “put the wider community first and demonstrate the values of connection, collaboration and generosity above and beyond the usual confines of business goals.”

Swiftaid won the Paytech for Good category this year, and we were beyond proud to take this award home with us!

Swiftaid is the product Streeva was recognised for, and we believe this is in response to our commitment to helping UK charities of all sizes capture their entire Gift Aid entitlement.

An astounding £560 million of charity money goes unclaimed by good causes annually, due to issues in the way Gift Aid is processed.

This is the result of a number of factors, and the Swiftaid product circumvents these issues in order to automate Gift Aid so charities and donors are no longer swamped with admin; significantly boosting Gift Aid income by automatically processing future donations.

Additionally, Swiftaid:

  • Takes only a few minutes for UK taxpayers to sign-up online.
  • Is simple for charities to engage with through the three-step digital process accepted by HMRC.
  • Removes the burden of HMRC compliance from charities and provides automatic end-of-year reporting.

Streeva is tremendously proud of all we have achieved in the creation of Swiftaid, and we are working with a number of charities to enhance the Gift Aid income they receive.

Fundraising is always an uphill struggle for charities, and faced with fresh challenges in the form of potential recessions as well as the impact an increasingly cashless society has on ad hoc donations, charities need all the help they can get.

Swiftaid aims to ensure each charity, regardless of their size, receives all the Gift Aid income they are entitled to, and also that donors can rest assured the causes they choose to donate to are boosted by 25% for each gift they make — all without having to spend an additional penny themselves!

If you would like to maximise your charitable donations, or are a charity that wants to find out how Swiftaid can help you — please find out more here.



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