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Stop Outsourcing Your Health

Hello Friends,

If you’ve read my latest posts, you’ll notice an increasing emphasis on evidence-based content that’s geared towards practical application of basic health concepts.

My goal has always been to bring the most value in regards to pragmatic, no nonsense, scientifically backed content that you can readily apply to your everyday life.

In light of all of the above, I’ve started an email based newsletter publication where every now and again, I distribute content geared towards everyday application of researched based information, it’s called The Strength Book.

It’s free(for now) for the first 100 people that sign-up. I don’t spam, I’m barely good at sending emails so you can expect an email from me once or, at most, twice a week tops.

Sign-up now below while it’s free.

The Strength Book Newsletter Publication




Strength Book is a publication dedicated to reliable, quality strength training & nutrition content. I decided to start a pub dedicated to help you take accountability for your health & well being.

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