Share your Story

To make a contribution to the Strength In a Story Publication just follow the instructions below. Still have questions? Just DM me on Twitter.

Pick your Theme

The first thing you need to do is to decide on a theme. Did your Futuristic help a colleague out of a difficult time by painting a vivid image of the options he had available to him? Did your WOO win the attention of a chaotic room of hundreds of noisy and distracted people? Whatever your story might be, pick the direct theme that relates to it.

Chose your medium

All stories will be told using Medium, the writing platform you’re on right now. However within a Medium Story, there are many different forms of media you can use. Whether it’s embedding a video or an audio recording, displaying a selection of images, documenting your story in words, or perhaps it’s a mix. Decide how you can best share your story.

Get in touch

If you’re ready to share, just fill out this form with some of the basic information about your story as well as a link to your Medium account and we’ll be in touch.